Wait Til You See These 30 Fabulous St. Patrick's Day Cookies ...

There isn't a holiday, celebration or event that doesn't get better with some cookies. That includes St. Patrick's Day! This Irish fest is so much fun and eating and drinking is always part of the fun. Whether you're hosting a party, sending treats to your child's classroom, or just want to eat cookies, you will find everything you desire right here. Check it out!

1. Pistachio Cake Mix Cookies

Via Eat Cake For Dinner: Pistachio ...
Pistachio cake mix makes the perfect green color for your St. Patrick's Day cookies.

2. Baileys Bonbons

Via 12 Sweet Recipes Made with ...
Nothing could be more Irish than Bailey's, right? Skip the red sprinkles to make these the yummiest St. Patrick's Day treat you'll ever have.

3. Rainbow Cookies

Via Beautiful, Colorful, Insanely Delicious Rainbow ...
Lure the leprechauns to your house with these adorable rainbow cookies.

4. Leprechaun Hats

Via Sweet On St. Patrick's Day: ...
These adorable embellished cookies are perfect for sharing on St. Patrick's Day. And they're really easy to make.

5. Irish Flag Mini Shamrock Cookies

Via Mini Shamrock Sugar Cookies - ...
The Irish colors and the classic shamrock shape? What more could you ask for?

6. Super Fancy

Via St. Patrick's Day cookies baked ...
I don't have the skill to make these, but if you do, would you mind making me some?

7. Mint Chocolate Cookies

Via craftyc0rn3r: Mint Chocolate Cookies
Minty cookies with chocolate chips make for some tasty St. Patrick's Day eating.

8. Traditional Celtic Knot

Via Festive St. Patrick's Day Recipes ...
Pipe your cookie dough onto baking sheets to form this classic shape. Cool, aren't they?

9. Chocolate with Mint

Via Chocolate Mint Chip Cookies | ...
Green cookies are fantastic, but chocolate cookies with green chips are just as awesome.

10. Plaid Green

Via plaid cookies for St. Patrick's ...
These stripes look wonderful and aren't that hard to reproduce.

11. Green Mint Crinkle Cookies

Via Low Fat Green Mint Crinkle ...
Even if you aren't a cookie decorator, you can still enjoy some green cookies for St. Patrick's Day with these tasty creations.

12. Rainbows and Clouds

Don't you just love these cute little rainbows? Me too!

13. Simple Shamrocks

Via Haniela's: Simple Shamrock Cookies for ...
Shamrock shaped cookies are a must have for any St. Patrick's Day celebration.

14. Grasshopper Mint Macaroon

Via Green With Envy- Macaroons and ...
These little wonders are really hard to stop eating. So make lots of them!

15. Rainbow Palmiers

Via Rainbow Palmiers - Crazy for ...
These are surprisingly easy to make and really yummy to eat too.

16. Mint Chocolate Shamrock Cookies

Via Mint Chocolate Shamrock Cookies - ...
Here's everything green and delicious that you need for St. Patrick's Day this year.

17. Lots of Designs

Via Shamrock Cookies at Joann.com
Don't feel like your shamrocks all have to look the same. Give people options!

18. Green Rainbows

Via Irish Rainbow Cookies for St. ...
These look yummy, don't they?

19. A Little Sparkle

Via St. Patrick's Day Cookies.
You can't go wrong adding some edible glitter to your St. Patrick's Day cookies.

20. St. Patrick's Day Chocolate Dipped Oreos

Via St. Patrick's Day Chocolate Dipped ...
No one is going to turn down these delicious creations.

21. Lots of Detail

Via Perníčky - trojlístek / Zboží ...
You can add lots of detail to your cookies if you want to.

22. Irish Shirt Cookies

Via St. Paddy's Day Shirt Cookies ...
Aren't these fun? Which one do you like better?

23. Use a Cupcake Cookie Cutter

Via St. Patrick's Day Clipart Images ...
Look at all the fun St. Patrick's Day things you can make with a cupcake cookie cutter.

24. Leprechaun Hats

Via Creative St. Patrick's Day Cookies ...
These look like fun to eat, don't you think?

25. A Pile of Choices

Via Inspiration Sunday - St. Patrick's ...
Go all out and make a whole bunch of fun cookies. You'll be the hero of any celebration!

26. Chocolate Covered Four Leaf Clover

Via Got Chocolate – Celebrating All ...
These are so easy to make, but look like you slave for hours!

27. An Irish Platter

Via An Irish platter
I can't decide which one I love best. What about you?

28. Everything Irish

Via St. Patrick's Day is Here!!
These cookies do a pretty good job of showcasing your favorite Irish things.

29. Fancy St. Patrick's Day Cookies

Via LilaLoa: Fancy St. Patrick's Day ...
Could you do this? Mine would be a major fail.

30. Gingham Pattern

Via St. Patrick's Day Shamrock Cookie ...
These are so cute! I'd eat a few of them, for sure.

What are your St. Patrick's Day plans this year? Do you think you'll include cookies at your festivities?

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