7 Not so Healthy Things about Most Granola Bars ...


7 Not so Healthy Things about Most Granola Bars ...
7 Not so Healthy Things about Most Granola Bars ...

Most people think of granola bars as the healthy go-to snack that you can bring with you wherever you go. This portable snack is often tasty and easy to pop in your purse. But healthy buyers beware because so many granola bars are sugar-laden, high in fat and filled with artificial additives. You may notice ingredients that you cannot pronounce which is a trap in itself, so create your own healthy granola bars to avoid this pitfall. And to ensure these bars will fill you make sure to add nuts, seeds, peanut butter or almond butter and of course steel cut oats. To lose weight and maintain your healthy lifestyle, check out the not so healthy things about most granola bars:

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If the granola bars have a shelf life of several years, chances are they are not natural and preservatives are added. How else would their shelf life be for so incredibly long? So how do you avoid this healthy eating dilemma? Create your own healthy granola bars and be sure of all the healthy ingredients you chose!


High in Sugar

If your granola bars are high in sugar, sure it may taste great but your goal of choosing a healthy snack will be sabotaged. So look at the ingredient label and choose granola bars low in sugar or even better with no sugar added. You can easily sweeten granola bars with peanut butter and coconut without having to add sugar!


Ingredients You Cannot Pronounce

Kind granola bars are one of the very few brands that don't contain ingredients listed that you cannot pronounce. In fact this is part of the company slogan. If you find you are running into this problem, create your own healthy granola bars and never worry again!


Serving Size off

Always check the serving size of the granola bars because if there are two servings in one package and each serving is 180 calories, you are eating a high cal bar! So check the serving size before you begin to gorge!


High in Calories

Some granola bars can be high in calories due to all the additives and this small snack can send your calories over the edge. If you are eating this snack late at night since it is also high in carbs, this can set you over the edge and cause empty calorie weight gain. So check out the calories and be mindful of your daily calorie consumption.


Not Filling

You eat a granola bar and find you are hungry for another. This is so not filling and as a result you overeat. So create your own granola bars with plenty of nuts and seeds to fill your stomach and prevent overeating later in the day.


A Dieter's Nightmare

Before you sabotage your diet and choose the wrong granola bar, make sure you analyze the food label or better yet create your own healthy snack and then you can never go wrong. Be creative, be healthy and have fun! Eating healthy can be so much fun!

So tell me what is your favorite granola bar recipe; I love using steel cut oats, honey, grain sweetened chocolate chips, unsweetened coconut and chopped up walnuts! Eat your healthy snack as you better your life!

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KIND bars are the beat, filling, low sugar and ingredients you can pronounce

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