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There are plenty of reasons to eat more beets in your diet. Beets have come a long way since they’re canned and jarred days. Fresh beets are one of the top nutritional powerhouses in the world of food, and their recent availability makes them a great part of any healthy eating plan. Keep these seven reasons to eat more beets in mind next time you hit up your local grocer or supermarket.

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Rich in Vitamins and Minerals

Vitamins and minerals are two of the top reasons to eat more beets. Most Americans are deficient in Vitamin C and the mineral Magnesium. Thankfully, purchasing organic beets that have been grown in a rich, naturally mineral-infused soil is a great way to get both of these nutrients! Add roasted beets to salads for a surge of vitamins. You can even make a traditional Borsht (Russian beet soup).


Loaded with Antioxidants

Have you ever cut into a beet and noticed how ripe and rich its color is? The darker and richer the color of a fruit or vegetable, the more nutrients and antioxidants it contains. Beets have a ton of cancer-fighting, disease preventing antioxidants that can help anyone achieve a more healthful lifestyle. Try adding raw beets in a homemade salad dressing. I know it sounds weird, but a little olive oil, lemon juice, and raw beets blended up in a Vitamix make a surprisingly tasty salad dressing.


Healthy Source of Sugar/Starch

Do you crave sugars or starches? One of the hardest habits for many of us to break is not eating refined sugar and carbohydrates. Beets do have sugar, but this sugar is natural and released over a sustained period of time to prevent spikes in blood sugar. Next time you really want ice cream or chips, try reaching for a sweet and roasted beet instead. You’d be surprised how quickly your craving will be gone!


Fights Inflammation and Chronic Disease

Inflammation is arguably one of the biggest risk factors for chronic disease. Some doctors believe that the only difference between heart disease and diabetes is the location of the inflammation (heart vs. pancreas). Ultimately, we can attribute many chronic illnesses to inflammation. Beets have the perfect combination of vitamins, minerals, and fiber to be one of the best foods that fights inflammation and overall disease.


Boosts Endurance

Athletes have been using beet juice and beet products for years as a way to boost endurance during a sporting game or competition. In addition to drinking plenty of water while exercising and hitting the gym, consider bringing a small bottle of beet juice with you to sip on while you work out.


Supports the Detoxification Process

If you’ve been eating unhealthily and want to get things back on track, beets should definitely be part of your detox plan. Beets work with the liver to help rid the body of toxins, pesticides, herbicides, and other disgusting chemicals that clog up our systems.


Promotes Longevity

Norman Walker, the father of the juicing craze, was reputed to have lived until 109. His secret? Fresh beet and celery juice every day. Beets have a unique chemical and nutritional profile that makes them one of the ultimate longevity foods. If you’re looking to fight aging and disease, beets could be the perfect food for you.

Beets are a great addition to many diets. Whether you’re paleo, gluten-free, vegan/vegetarian, or even low-carb, beets can be worked into a variety of eating plans. What are some of your favorite ways to prepare beets?

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