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29 Recipe Cards to Inspire You in the Kitchen ...

By Eliza

Back in the day, people would trade recipe cards as a way to share favorite meals and desserts. Nowadays, people more often turn to the Internet or Pinterest to find their recipes. While that's fun too, it is really awesome to get a handwritten recipe from a friend or family member. A favorite recipe is a great gift, so check out these recipe cards so you have a fun way to present them.

1 Framed Recipe Cards

Framed Recipe CardsVia DIY Playbook's Home Tour from ...
If you have recipe cards written by your grandmother or mom, frame them for kitchen art and still be able to use them.

2 For Bridal Showers

For Bridal ShowersVia Chevron Hanger - Signature White ...
If you're hosting a bridal shower, have everyone bring their favorite recipe for the bride to be.


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3 Add Some Utensils

Add Some UtensilsVia Gift Inspiration Day Ten: Folded ...
Include a potholder and a spatula with a cookie recipe. Cute, huh?

4 Tie Them up

Tie Them upVia POYEL: Free Heirloom Recipe Card ...
Give your friends a stack of empty recipe cards so they can add new meals to their collection.

5 Whimsical Lettering

Whimsical LetteringVia Free Printable Recipe Cards
I love the sayings on these recipe cards. These are fun colors and easy to fill in.

6 Utensil Design

Utensil DesignVia Free Printable Recipe Cards
These cute recipe cards with silverware on them are super fun, don't you think?

7 Recipe Binder

Recipe BinderVia Dimplicity - Crafty Blog: Recipe ...
A binder is the perfect way to corral all of your recipe cards into one convenient place.

8 Embellished Recipe Crate Box

Embellished Recipe Crate BoxVia DIY Embellished|Recipe Crate Box
This adorable crate is another great place to store your recipe cards.

9 Holiday Recipe Cards

Holiday Recipe CardsVia
Holiday themed recipe cards are a fun thing to include with your treats.

10 Gourmet Touch

Gourmet TouchVia Classic Recipe Cards PDF
I love the sophisticated look of these recipe cards. What do you think?

11 Vintage Recipe Cards

Vintage Recipe CardsVia Julia Child Inspired Bridal Shower
These old fashioned recipe cards are fun to look at! I'd like a set of them.

12 Mason Jar Recipe Cards

Mason Jar Recipe CardsVia FREE Printable Mason Jar Recipe ...
These shaped recipe cards are adorable. You can print things like this off the Internet, often for free.

13 Simple Design

Simple DesignVia Printable Vintage Recipe Card | ...
These recipe cards might be simple, but they sure do look great.

14 Candy Canes

Candy CanesVia FREE Printable Recipe Cards
Don't you think this recipe cards looks like a delicious candy cane?

15 Lots of Lines

Lots of LinesVia Daily Free Printable: Classic Tattoo ...
A recipe card like this one would be perfect for a recipe with a lot of ingredients or drawn out directions.

16 Kitchen Tools

Kitchen ToolsVia Organisation & Planning Archives - ...
There's nothing more perfect on recipe cards than adorable kitchen tools like these.

17 Black and White

Black and WhiteVia Black and White Obsession: November ...
Black and white recipe cards aren't too elaborate, but are perfect all the same.

18 Christmas Time

Christmas TimeVia Christmas printable giveaway
Most people give homemade treats at Christmas. Use these cards to share the recipe too.

19 Hold Them Together

Hold Them TogetherVia 35 Easy DIY Gift Ideas ...
This simple set up makes it easy to page through your recipes to find just the one you want.

20 Whimsical

WhimsicalVia Make a Family Cookbook
I love all the cute little utensils that surround this recipe card.

21 Handwritten

HandwrittenVia Red Velvet Sandwich Cookies
This recipe card emulates a handwritten one. It's cute, isn't it?

22 Full Page Card

Full Page CardVia Mesa's Place: Full Page Recipe ...
If you like more space, a full page recipe card is the answer you're looking for.

23 Big Page

Big PageVia Login
Here's another full page recipe card that gives you plenty of space to fill it in.

24 Cool Recipe Box Alternative

Cool Recipe Box AlternativeVia Gypsies Journal: October 2008
This is a fun way to keep your recipes out where you can get to them.

25 Fun to Look at

Fun to Look atVia Free Printable Christmas Recipe Card ...
I can't get over how adorable this recipe card is. Customize and print it off your computer at home.

26 With a Jar

With a JarVia The 36th AVENUE | Link ...
Jarred recipes are all the rage right now and this cute recipe card is just the thing to tie on.

27 Disney Theme

Disney ThemeVia
Anyone who loves Disney will love these recipe cards too.

27 Owl Recipe Cards

Owl Recipe CardsVia 25 Free Printable Recipe Cards ...
These adorable owls make it fun to cook anything.

30 Cupcake Recipe Cards

Cupcake Recipe CardsVia Cupcake Recipe Cards and more ...
Speaking of cute, these cupcake themed recipe cards are so cute and colorful.

Do you use recipe cards? My family collects everyone's favorites every so often and turns them into a cookbook. What do your recipe cards look like?

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