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20 Yummy Veggie Trays for Any Occasion ...

By Eliza

Holiday season is gearing up, which means you are probably going to be attending your fair share of parties in the next couple of months, and veggie trays are the perfect thing to bring. They give you something healthy to eat, don't cost a lot to make and can be arranged in a number of ways. My family always does veggie trays at both Thanksgiving and Christmas. Everyone nibbles until the meal is ready. Here are some great ideas to get you inspired to eat your veggies this holiday season.

1 In a Basket

In a BasketSource: 25 spring entertaining ideas that ...
Veggie trays can get heavy, but organizing them in a basket like this one makes it easy to carry around.

2 Crudites Platter

Crudites PlatterSource: Vegan Green Dressing + Crudités
Raw veggies are often referred to as crudites, but either way, they are delicious.


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3 Party Idea

Party IdeaSource:
You can serve this for any patriotic occasion - Veteran's Day, the 4th of July or Memorial Day. Or you can put it out any time the mood strikes

4 Use Containers

Use ContainersSource: Tuesday Tastings :: Spring Crudité
This is a great way to separate the veggies and create a presentation that can't be beat.

5 Christmas Tree

Christmas TreeSource: Turkey, Tree, & Wreath Vegetable ...
What a festive way to celebrate a Christmas party this year! The bell pepper garlands are genius!

6 Add Some Embellishments

Add Some EmbellishmentsSource: 5 Tips for Stress Free ...
Take your veggie tray to the next level by adding some dip, crackers and nuts.

7 Rainbow Veggie Tray

Rainbow Veggie TraySource: Rainbow veggie tray ideas
This tray is simple, but includes veggies from each color group. Beautiful, isn't it?

8 Fancy Shapes

Fancy ShapesSource: It's Written on the Wall
Use special knives to create fancy shaped veggies like these flowers. Pretty, huh?

9 Make a Border

Make a BorderSource:
I love how the cauliflower and broccoli make a fun patterned border around this veggie tray.

10 Broccoli Tree

Broccoli TreeSource: Mommy on the Money: Earth ...
A huge broccoli floret makes a fun tree to "shade" all the veggies resting beneath.

11 Turkey for Thanksgiving

Turkey for ThanksgivingSource: Thanksgiving dinner
This is a great veggie tray to spice up your Thanksgiving table this year.

12 Peppers as a Holder for Dip

Peppers as a Holder for DipSource:
What a great idea it is to hollow out a couple of bell peppers and fill them with dip.

13 Another Turkey

Another TurkeySource: Thanksgiving Decorating Ideas
Here is another, and totally different, style of of turkey for a veggie tray.

14 Cheese and Veggie Tray

Cheese and Veggie TraySource:
A veggie tray gets even better when it has some great cheeses and a few crackers added to it.

15 Double Dip

Double DipSource: gallery
Not that kind of double dip! I like that there are two dip options, which lets guests choose the one they like best.

16 Ninja Turtle Vegetable Plates

Ninja Turtle Vegetable PlatesSource: Pizza and a Pinata for ...
This would be totally fun for a little boy's birthday party. Really cute, right?

17 Ice It up

Ice It upSource: 50 Cool Kitchen Gadgets Everyone ...
This bowl is great because it keeps the veggies and dip cold throughout your party.

18 Farmer's Market Vegetable Tray

Farmer's Market Vegetable TraySource:
I love the idea of loading a veggie tray with only vegetables that are in season.

19 Fanned out

Fanned outSource: Fit Media Concepts: Super Bowl ...
The fan design on this veggie tray is different, but I like it. The veggies would be really easy to grab and eat.

20 Bouquet of Tulips

Bouquet of TulipsSource: Creatività e originalità in cucina
I love this bouquet of tulips made out of stuffed cherry tomatoes. It's almost too pretty to eat!

What events do you make a veggie tray for? They make such an easy addition to any celebration or gathering. Do you see one you'd like to try?

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