7 Refreshing Healthy Drinks to Keep You Cool for the Summer ...


I know how tempted you may be to chug down a can of ice-cold soda or sip on an Oreo smoothie on a hot summer day just to cool yourself down, but instead of drinking empty calories, you always have a choice of refreshing healthy drinks that are much better for your body. It is easy to use heat as an excuse to spoil yourself, but that is no way to get a summer body! So next time you find yourself reaching for a soda, keep these refreshing healthy drinks in mind.

1. Kombucha


If I had to pick one beverage out of all refreshing healthy drinks to sip on for the rest of my life, it would be kombucha. Kombucha is a naturally fermented drink that gives a healthy boost of probiotics, strengthens the immune system, serves as a natural detoxifier, increases metabolism, gives an energy boost and provides many vitamins and enzymes. It’s a delicious and healthy drink that is low in calories and efficient at quenching thirst.

Fruit Smoothie
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