7 Citrus Fruits to Make Your Mouth Water ...

Citrus fruits just taste and smell so summery to me. Fortunately, you can find them year round in most grocery stores so you don’t have to wait for the temperature to rise before you can enjoy one. Of course, you’re familiar with oranges and grapefruits, but there are loads of other citrus fruits out there that you can do wonderful things with. Check out these to get started, but I would love to hear if you have a favorite that I missed on my list.

1. Clementine

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Clementines are a favorite in my house! We love those tiny little orange-like fruits that are so easy to peel. Yes, they look like a miniature navel orange, but they are bit different. This is a type of mandarin orange, but usually doesn’t have seeds. It has a slightly tarter flavor than a regular orange, but it’s definitely one of the citrus fruits you have to try. You can find them in huge boxes at the supermarket so you can eat them all day for a week.

2. Kumquat

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They have a strange name, but these tiny little citrus fruits are great for lots of things. They look like orange key limes and have a yummy aroma and flavor. Use kumquats for baking tarts or similar desserts. You can also add the juice of the kumquats to lemonade or iced tea for a yummy twist on an old classic.

3. Ugli Fruit

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It might not be pretty, but it sure tastes good. Ugli fruit has a yummy taste that’s a mixture of grapefruit, tangerine and an orange. It’s super easy to peel and is a great treat for lunch or a snack. Don’t be off put by the brown spots that sometimes occur on the ugli fruit. They don’t mean the fruit isn’t good so eat up!

4. Minneola

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This is a citrus fruit I’ve often seen at my local grocery store. It’s a cross between a grapefruit and a tangerine and has a distinctive bump on the skin that you can use to start peeling the fruit. Make juice with this tart and delicious fruit and enjoy a tall glass for breakfast. You can also use minneolas in place of oranges in any recipe.

5. Blood Orange

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Blood oranges are suddenly a big hit in the fancy cuisine world. You’ll see them in anything from sorbet to margaritas. They are smaller than a traditional orange and have a dark red flesh, hence the name. The flavor is a delicious mixture of orange and raspberry and is one that you’ll easily get addicted to.

6. Pomelo

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A pomelo looks like a giant grapefruit, but tastes sweeter than one. They have varying colors of flesh, including white, green and pink. The skin is fairly tough so you might need a knife to get it off. Use pomelo segments in salads, cereal or as a juicy and delicious snack. You won’t be sorry!

7. Lemons and Limes

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You probably wouldn’t consider eating a lemon or a lime plain. They are just too sour for that. But they are a couple of great citrus fruits for other purposes. Use them to make lemonade or limeade or add thick wedges to iced tea. Limes and lemons are great for pies and custards too.

What’s your favorite citrus fruit? They are all loaded with vitamin C, fiber and other nutrients that are a good part of your daily meal plan. Which one will you try next?

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