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Some salads can be sad. A few leaves, a tomato, some cucumber and a lump of protein. It’s no wonder we reach for unhealthy things to add to them to make them exciting – things like croutons, bacon bits and creamy dressings – foods that basically undo the point of having a salad. But dinner salads are fabulous. Nutritious and delicious, filling salads are the way to go. If you think salads are just for sides, these recipes will change your mind.

1. Loaded Cobb Salad

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You might have had experience with a traditional Cobb salad before, but nothing can prepare you for the taste sensations that this fully locked and loaded version of the classic favorite will provide for you! This might just be the ultimate salad for a tasty filling meal.


Roasted Tomato and Burrata Caprese Salad
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