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7 Steps for Cutting a Mango and Getting to the Delicious Fruit ...

By Eliza

The steps for cutting a mango are totally worth learning because you can enjoy this delicious tropical fruit with ease. I love mangoes, but they can be a bit intimidating. For starters, you want to find a fruit that’s soft, but not squishy. If it’s really hard, it’s not ripe yet and if it’s too soft it won’t taste as good. Here are my handy steps for cutting a mango. Once you master the technique, you’ll never look back.

1 Wash the Mango

You never know who handled the mango at the grocery store or whether it has pesticide or soil residue on it, so you definitely want to wash it. In fact, this is probably the most important of the steps for cutting a mango. When you cut into it, any bacteria or germs on the skin will transfer to the flesh. A good washing reduces the risk and leaves you with a delicious (and sanitary) treat.

2 Cut the Sides

Place the mango on your cutting board and cut the sides off by slicing down the fruit the long way. The seed is in the center so if you run into it, simply move your knife outward a bit and try again. Mangoes aren’t flat so be careful that it doesn’t get away from you as you slice into it.


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3 Cut Strips

Place the mango chunk, skin side down, in your hand. Use a sharp knife to create several parallel cuts in the flesh. Avoid cutting the skin. Try to get an even amount of space between each cut so you have uniformly sized pieces of mango when you’re finished.

4 Flip It around

Next, you want to turn your mango chunk and cut it again in the same manner as in Step #3. This will create squares of flesh, still attached to the skin of the mango. Again, try to create even cuts so you have similarly sized pieces and avoid cutting the skin of the mango.

5 Scoop

There are two ways you can now remove the flesh of the mango from the skin. For the scoop method, you’ll need a large spoon. Hold the mango chunk in your hand, with the skin down. Holding your hand and the mango over a bowl, use the spoon to gently pull the flesh from the skin. You may have to wiggle the spoon a bit to get it completely separated. Use a knife if the spoon doesn’t work.

6 Slice

The other method of removing the mango flesh from the skin is similar. You want to start by pressing the middle of the skin upward, essentially turning the flesh inside out and creating some space between the squares of mango. (Like in the top photo) Next, you can use a spoon or knife to gently scrape the mango chunks from the flesh and into a bowl.

7 Consider Your Recipe

The previous steps are the standard for cutting mango. However, you can do it a couple of other ways too. If you need slices, skip Step #4 and move to #5 or #6. You can also cut around the mango seed and simply use a knife to scoop the large chunks of mango away from the skin and then dice it.

Do you eat mango or does cutting one scare you off? I hope this simple tutorial will have you enjoying mango in no time. Let me know how it goes!

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