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Perfect Summer Seafood Recipes  for Girls Who Love the Bounty of the Ocean ...

By EmMa

Are you wishing for a seaside escape, but you're stuck at home? These summer seafood recipes are the next best thing. Each one of them is reminiscent of a vacay on the ocean and gives you a tasty meal to eat alone or share with others. All you've got to do is close your eyes and you're practically there on the shore, listening to the waves and savoring a mouthwatering meal that reminds you of a vacation. Try any of these summer seafood recipes tonight and you'll see just what I mean.

1 Sheet Pan Shrimp Boil

cuisine, confectionery, junk food, food, sweetness,This is iconic summertime right here. The shrimp paired with the potatoes and corn and served on a sheet pan is perfect for dinner on the patio.

2 One Pot Seafood Pasta

dish, food, spaghetti, italian food, cuisine,One taste of this and you'll feel just like you're sitting on a patio in Italy somewhere.

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3 Blackened Salmon with Avocado Salsa

dish, vegetarian food, vegetable, leaf vegetable, food,The creamy salsa is the perfect accompaniment to the fish, which is just a little bit spicy. Yum!

4 Garlic Lemon Butter Crab Legs

dish, food, seafood, cuisine, appetizer,Pair this with some baked potatoes and corn and the cob and you have a southern summertime meal you won't soon forget.

5 Grilled Coconut Rum Shrimp

shrimp, food, dish, grilled food, seafood,If there are any flavors that perfectly define summertime, it's coconut and rum. This recipe is almost as good as being on vacay.

6 Summer Seafood Stew

dish, seafood, food, shrimp, bouillabaisse,Can't decide which seafood you want? Try this recipe, which has a little bit of everything.

7 Fish Taco Rice Bowls

dish, food, salad, vegetable, vegetarian food,Summer is the perfect time for a light meal and this one skips the tortillas, making it just right on a hot night.

8 New England Lobster Roll

bruschetta, appetizer, food, dish, cuisine,Here's a summer meal that you won't be able to get enough of. The creamy lobster is the perfect filling for a lunchtime sandwich.

9 Tilapia Tacos

dish, appetizer, food, cuisine, vegetarian food,Summer is the perfect time for a fish taco, don't you think? This recipe is easy and delicious!
Do you love seafood? Where's your favorite place to enjoy it?

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