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7 Sure Signs That Prove You're a Foodie ...

By Vanessa

If you have yet to admit your food obsession, check out the many tell-tale signs that you're a foodie. I don't know about you, but I'd choose a night in the kitchen cooking/baking over anything! For a foodie, a good recipe book is the equivalent of a bible. Do you have a recipe book you're currently obsessed with? Check out some of the signs that you're a foodie!

1 You Photograph All Your Meals

You know you're a foodie when you photograph all your meals and upload it to your social media accounts. Don't worry, I've been guilty of that too. Sometimes meals just look so good that you need to capture it in a photograph! How else would you be able to remember? Photographing your meals is just one of many sure signs that you're a foodie.

2 You Watch Too Many Cooking Shows

Is most of your free time spent watching The Food Network? Yeah, me too. I can never get enough of watching my favorite chefs stir up some of my favorite meals. Watching these cooking shows can provide such inspiration in the kitchen! Which show do you love watching? Who's your favorite Food Network chef?

3 You Own Too Many Kitchen Appliances

The kitchen is overflowing with different appliances and that doesn't stop you from buying more. Since you spend the majority of your time in the kitchen, might as well make sure it's worth it, right? What's the latest kitchen appliance that you bought?

4 You Live for Grocery Trips

Going to the grocery store sometimes feels like going to Disney World. You get so excited to see all the fresh fruit, pick up the ingredients you need for your new recipe, and try out all the samples. It's no surprise that you're the go-to volunteer to do the weekly shopping! Being a foodie also means you're always organized with a grocery list!

5 You Run a Food Blog

If your friends don't understand your food obsession, you probably turned to a community of people who do - the blogging world. That's where you can share all of your dining experiences, restaurant reviews, and even some of your favorite recipes. It's a great way to network with other people who love the same thing that you do. If you don't run a blog yourself, chances are you're the one who's reading the food blogs everyday! If you're a blogger, feel free to share your blog in the comments section.

6 You'll Try Anything

Being a foodie means you're open to trying anything! Going to a new restaurant and trying the "Chef's special" is like Christmas to you. Isn't it such a bore when you go to eat with someone and they order the same exact thing every time? I don't know how their taste buds aren't tired of it already! Hopefully, your adventurous take on food will soon rub off on them.

7 You Love to Cook

Stating the obvious, being a foodie means you love to cook! This could mean making gourmet meals for your friends and family or even just having a serious baking night.

Well, there you have it! These are just seven out of many sure signs that you are indeed a foodie. Do any of these signs apply to you or anyone you know? What's your favorite thing about being/knowing a foodie?

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