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Tasty Slow Cooker Peanut Butter Chocolate Cake ...

By Leiann

Want some chocolaty, peanut buttery and gooey sin? Got 2 hours and a slow cooker?

Just like a regular cake, just easier and more delicious!

Perfect for after dinner, a party at your house, or any type of gathering. Ingredients are probably already in your kitchen! Experiment with different cake mixes... Don't have devil's food? Use chocolate or fudge. Hell, use yellow or white! Don't have Reese's cups? Use chocolate squares, M & M's or even marshmallows. Instead of peanut butter, maybe use Nutella. The sky is the limit. Just be creative!

All ingredients can be found at the dollar store, which makes the dessert affordable. I know I write frugally in most of my reviews, as I am poor, but even wealthy people are frugal. Although a cheap dessert, I'm sure slow cooker peanut butter chocolate cake tastes just like it came from the bakery! No?

I hope you like! Thank you for watching!

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