2 Ingredient Homemade Ice Cream Recipe No Machine Needed ...

By Leiann

2 Ingredient Homemade Ice Cream Recipe No Machine Needed ...

All you need are 2 ingredients to make ice cream? No, you are not dreaming! This tutorial is super easy to follow, easy to make and yummy when all is said and done! Watch Gemma!

The sky is the limit for flavors! Mix in cookies, cake, or whatever you like to make the ice cream even more personal!

Want to throw a party? Why not have an ice cream social? Low cost (buy your ingredients at the dollar store), low maintenance (don't have a big mixer? use a hand held!), and you can make everybody happy (make all kinds of versions!).

Also, this is good to know as ice cream stands are closed for the fall and winter. Not everyone lives near a Dairy Queen or a Steak n Shake!

Remember: heavy cream, condensed milk, and mixer!

Thank you for watching!

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Thank you . I wanted to look this up today and forgot . I guess you took care of that . Thank you .

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