Thanksgiving 🦃 Dinner 🍽 Hacks You'll Totally 💯 Regret Now Knowing 💭 This Year 📆 ...


The big day is almost here, which is why I've gathered these Thanksgiving dinner hacks to help you host the best celebration of the season. While mess-ups are part of the process, you don't want to screw up so badly that there's nothing to eat. Use these Thanksgiving dinner hacks to get the turkey and stuffing to the table without any problems.

1. Get the Recipes off Your Phone


There's nothing more irritating than being in the middle of a recipe when your phone's screen goes black and your hands are covered in turkey giblets. Before you start cooking, print your recipes and hang them at eye level so you can refer to them whenever you need to.

Use a Thermos for Liquids
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