The Best Fall Fruits for Calorie Control ...


You know that you have to control your calorie intake or you run the risk of gaining weight. There’s conflicted information about whether or not you should be eating fruit. I studied nutrition in grad school and my professional insight is that you shouldn’t be skimping on fruit. It’s loaded with nutrients you need to stay healthy. And many choices are low in calories so you can keep your intake under control. It’s fall, so these are the fruits you should be tossing in your shopping cart right now.

1. Quince is Something Tasty and New to Try

Quince is Something Tasty and New to Try

Never heard of quince? This fall you have to give it a try! It has a flavor that’s a mix between a pear and an apple. You can’t eat them raw, but they are perfect for using in pies, cobblers or quick bread recipes. One quince contains only 52 calories so using them in cooking won’t set you back that many calories.

You Can’t Go Wrong with Any Variety of Pear
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