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The Best Recipes for the Most Awesome 4th July Party ... Ever

By Neecey

‌‌ Here are the best recipes for 4th July food ever! If you're having a 4th July party, you want the food to be fun and fabulous. These 4th July foods totally fit the bill. Thanks to we've got everything here from bites, dippy things, things on sticks, and puds and pies. Ready to feast your eyes on patriotic food Ideas for the 4th of July? (Click on the heading for the recipe.) Enjoy!

1 Red, white and Blue Popsicles

The kids will love these - but so will the adults. What a great way to cool off on what’s sure to be a hot day!
food, dessert, icing, petit four, cuisine,

2 patriotic fruit salad

Delicious and healthy made with raspberries, blueberries, and apples. Who said that dessert had to be full of calories and sugar?
food, frutti di bosco, produce, berry, dessert,

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3 red, white and blue fruit pizza

This looks amazing! It reminds me of Captain America’s shield, and you know it’ll be super tasty.
food, dish, plant, frutti di bosco, produce,

4 fruit cubes

Add some patriotic flair to your clear drinks.
food, dessert, berry, produce, plant,

5 Watermelon, mozzarella and blueberry skewers

These make a tasty appetizer to kick off your menu.
food, dessert, produce, cake,

6 blueberry, strawberry and jicama salsa

Serve it with cinnamon sugar pita chips for a sweet, crunchy snack or regular tortilla chips for a sweet/salty combo.
food, dish, salad, produce, cuisine,

7 Red, white and blue spaghetti

Would this be a huge hit with the kids? You could also dye pasta for your pasta salad.
food, spaghetti, produce, cuisine,

8 American flag veggie tray

A a surefire win for your 4th of July party. This one offers a wide array of veggies with cucumbers, tomatoes, cauliflower, peppers, and radishes.
dish, food, product, meal, art,

9 Firecracker hot dogs

So much fun! The cheese star at the top is a nice touch.
food, dish, dessert, meal, cuisine,

10 red, white, and blue sangria

A great drink for your guests. You can make it kid-friendly by substituting lemon-lime soda or sparkling water for the wine.
food, sundae, dessert, parfait, produce,

11 red, white, and blue potato salad

No party is complete without a potato salad and this one is the perfect choice for the 4th of July.
food, dish, produce, vegetable, plant,

12 patriotic Italian cream sodas

These blueberry-raspberry sodas are amazing, especially now that most stores carry the sugar-free syrups recommended for the recipe.
milkshake, food, dessert, drink, non alcoholic beverage,

13 firecracker cake!

Gorgeous! It really does look like fireworks bursting, and it’s super easy to make, which is so helpful when you’re having guests over.
food, dessert, organ, heart, cake,

14 deviled eggs

You can even get patriotic with your eggs by dying some red and blue. Fun!
dish, food, breakfast, meal, icing,

15 taco salad flag

You’ll be the hit of any 4th of July get together with a taco salad. YUM!
dish, food, meal, cuisine, breakfast,

16 bbq patriotic puff pastries

Nothing is as American as bbq (except maybe apple pie), so you just have to make these.
dish, food, meal, fast food, cuisine,

17 cheese and onion dip

Pair with red, white and blue corn tortilla chips for an awesomely patriotic appetizer.
food, dish, dessert, cuisine, baked goods,

18 patriotic popcorn

Pop some funky to enjoy during the fireworks show.
food, kettle corn, snack food, popcorn, dessert,

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