The Sexiest Servings of FoodPorn You'll See on Instagram ...


The Sexiest Servings of FoodPorn You'll See on Instagram ...
The Sexiest Servings of FoodPorn You'll See on Instagram ...

Instagram isn't just for foodies, but it is a haven for foodies – the voyeurs and the exhibitionists alike. Me, I like to look. I follow some dirty, calorie-laden tags just for the naughty joy of drooling over food. There's a reason they call it #FoodPorn, you know. Some of these snaps are downright sexy.

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This Shot of Eggloo Cone Nirvana

Didn't even know Eggloos existed until this popped up in my feed. I am now consumed by thoughts of one – though, in full disclosure, I'm about to start my period.


Breakfast like Nobody's Business

The food looks delicious, the setting is perfection, and I'd kill for those polka dot plates.


An Obligatory Snap of Macarons

Because I adore macarons. They feature heavily in my personal #FoodPorn fantasies.


The Kind of Salad You Deeply Desire

This hits all the right notes, y'all. I need to have this.


The Kind of Salad That Actually Makes You Tingle

I get a tingle just looking at it. I mean that tingle you get from tart, fresh citrus. Perverts.


All of This

Seriously. All of it. Even the cutting boards.


Street Food

Some of the best #foodporn snaps I've ever seen are pictures of street food. This one is no exception.


This Epic Sandwich

This is what sandwiches are supposed to look like.


Froyo, Yo

I think it's impossible to take a bad picture of frozen yogurt.


Ice Cream in a Doughnut Cone

Let me reiterate: this is ice cream in a doughnut cone. This is everything good in the world.


Making Veggies Look Good

This isn't even food. It's art.


These Dumplings

I am so hungry. I want to devour these dumplings right off the screen.


Juicy Red Apples

Don't these make you think of fall? They're gorgeous – and so shiny!


A Photo That's Worth a Thousand Calories

Everything about this is beautiful. Of course, my eyes are naturally drawn to the Nutella.



Oh, this is so much more than just a cake.


Hot Dog, Hot Dog, Hot Dog

I desperately want a hot dog right now.


When Smoothies Take over the World

This is what happens.

So. Seen any sexy #FoodPorn this week?

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