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7 Dessert Bloggers on Instagram That Will Make Your Mouth Water ...

By Sabrina

Whether you're a baker looking for inspiration or just a sugar addict like me who uses Instagram for her daily dose of food porn, you should follow these accounts! Be warned: you will crave sweets after reading this article! So if you're on a strict diet, I hope today is your cheat day!

1 Let Me Eat Cake

food, plant, produce, dessert, fruit,Nastassia, the "lover of cake, enthusiast of pie and donut fiend" behind this Instagram account will make you crave all of those sweets! She wanders around LA in search of the sweetest, most visually appetizing desserts and then posts them for your virtual consumption. And she always tags the bakery or restaurant where she gets them so you can eventually enjoy real-life consumption, too!
Follow: @letmeeatcake

2 Chocolatesforever

food, meal, produce, dish, breakfast,Anyone who loves chocolate—which is almost all women at least at some point during the month, right? It takes every ounce of self-control I have not to eat massive amounts of chocolate every day! This account helps numb my cravings by giving me a daily dose of chocolate-covered food porn.
Follow: @chocolatesforever

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3 Linda Lomelino

food, baked goods, wedding cake, dessert, cake,Linda is a photographer and cookbook author—code for one of the best Instagram food bloggers around! Her photos alone are gorgeous and artistic, and the dishes they feature look positively divine. Follow her for lots of flowers, cakes, and all-around goodness.
Follow: @linda_lomelino

4 Blueberry Smoothies

food, strawberry, produce, dessert, meal,There's no rule that says desserts have to be unhealthy. In fact, they can be pretty nutritious if you follow in the footsteps of this blogger, Mari Lydia. And don't worry—she doesn't just post blueberry smoothies! She posts all sorts of mouthwatering photos of smoothies, acai bowls, parfaits, and other refreshing alternatives to unhealthy desserts.
Follow: @blueberrysmoothies

5 Desserted in Paris

red, white, dessert, food, toy,I really can't get over this account! First of all, the name is just oh-so-clever, as is the entire concept of the account. Tal Spiegel, French pastry chef and mastermind behind "Desserted in Paris", posts daily photos of cute shoes and even cuter pastries that match perfectly!
Follow: @desserted_in_paris

6 Izyhossack

meal, produce, food, dish, plant,Izy Hossack is studying food science and nutrition; maybe that's why her Instagram is so amazing! She posts lots of healthy dinners that look tasty, but balances it out with plenty of not-so-healthy desserts that look delicious!
Follow: @izyhossack

7 Bakersroyale_naomi

flower, plant, pink, painting, flowering plant,Those French macarons are not store-bought—Naomi hand-painted those herself! Her skills at making tasty treats look even more appetizing never cease to amaze me! I also love her account because she often posts pictures of her adorable kids! Toddlers and dessert... what more could you want in your Instagram feed?
Follow: @bakersroyale_naomi

This is just a small sample of all the talented food bloggers there are on Instagram. Who are some of your favorite dessert bloggers? Have you ever tried to make a food porn account?

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