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These 7 Bar Snacks You Can Eat without Worry ...

By Eliza

So you’re going to happy hour? Hooray! While it’s certainly fun to spend time with friends, the bar isn’t exactly the place to go for healthy food. Not to mention all the calorie laden cocktails that you’ll want to try. If you’re worried that going to the bar is going to wreck your health goals, you need to make a plan so that you enjoy your time without feeling guilty later. Here are some bar snacks you can enjoy without guilt.

1 A Plate of Shrimp Cocktail with Sauce

A Plate of Shrimp Cocktail with SauceThis is one of my favorite bar snacks! It tastes decadent, but it is actually pretty low in fat and calories. Dip the shrimp in cocktail sauce for flavor without making it unhealthy. While shrimp cocktail is a great choice, stay away from fried shrimp, which is full of fat and calories. This snack pairs well with a light beer or Bloody Mary.

2 Corn Chips and Salsa

Corn Chips and SalsaYou don’t want to overdo it on chips since they are usually fried and salty. However, when compared to other pub food, chips and salsa are still a better bet than most of what else is on the menu. Stick to a couple of handfuls and all the salsa you want and you should satisfy your urge to snack without overdoing it.


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3 Crudités with Dip

Crudités with DipThis is basically just a fancy word for sliced veggies, which you know are good for you. Go easy on the dip, but have a little bit so you don’t feel deprived and are still able to enjoy something that won’t ruin your healthy eating goals. Hummus or ranch dip are great choices.

4 A Dish of Olives

A Dish of OlivesOlives have a pleasing flavor that is intense enough to keep you from totally hogging out. They are also a great source of healthy fats and just a few will easily satisfy your hunger. Both black and green olives fit the bill and you’ll love nibbling on them while you enjoy a martini.

5 Turkey Burger Sliders

Turkey Burger SlidersCan’t resist the temptation of a burger when you hit the bar? Look on the appetizer menu and order the turkey sliders instead of the huge bacon cheeseburger on the regular menu. These tiny burgers can satisfy a craving without making you feel guilty later. In fact, share the plate with a friend and you can still have that second beer you want. Order the sliders with all the veggies to help you feel full without feeling bad.

6 Grilled Chicken Skewers

Grilled Chicken SkewersGrilled chicken is always a good bet when you’re watching your fat and calorie intake. Often, bars will serve it on skewers with delicious dips as a snack. Think peanut sauce or soy ginger sauce. Whatever it is, you can eat it without any guilt at all.

7 A Small Caesar Salad

A Small Caesar SaladYou can totally enjoy this indulgence provided you go easy on the dressing and skip the croutons. It’s a fiber-filled way to satisfy hunger and keep you from wanting to eat everything in sight. Pair it with a good glass of white wine and your happy hour will be just about perfect.

How do you stay healthy at happy hour? Will you be trying any of these snacks next time?

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