Foods to Avoid for Girls Wanting to Beat Bikini Bloat ...


Foods to Avoid for Girls Wanting to Beat Bikini Bloat ...
Foods to Avoid for Girls Wanting to Beat Bikini Bloat ...

You’ve worked hard getting that beautiful beach body so the last thing you want when you slip on your gorgeous new bikini is a bloated stomach. It’s as simple as avoiding foods that make your stomach swell before you hit the beach. These are what you really shouldn’t eat when you want to look your most svelte.

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Salt Try to avoid any overly salty foods as they have been known to make you gassy and they certainly cause a degree of water retention within the body. Though chips and dips might strike you as a fun pre beach snack, the less sodium you put in to your body, the better you will feel when you get to the ocean.


Carbonated Drinks

Carbonated Drinks One of the key foods to avoid before hitting the beach is carbonated drinks. All of the bubbles in your favorite sodas have to go somewhere, and for most people that is straight to the belly to cause a little bloating or even gas. If you really can’t go without carbonated beverages, try substituting with sparkling water which is less likely to cause any uncomfortable and noticeable bloating. Plenty of ice and a slice of lemon and you have the perfect summer drink.



Apples The old saying of an apple day keeping the doctor away may be true, but nowhere in that saying does it mention that apples keeping the bloat away! The fruit is high in fiber and contains sorbitol and fructose, both sugars that many people do not actually know they cannot tolerate. The result of these is, yep, you guess it, a case of bloating, leaving the potential for you to be gassy and puffy which is definitely not a feeling you want to have at the beach.



Gum Chewing gum might seem like an innocuous beach snack, but it can actually cause some significant bloating. The reason for this is that the very act of chewing on gum causes you to swallow more amounts of air than you usually would, causing your belly to swell just a little, but perhaps just enough to be noticeable in a bikini.


In addition to causing bloating, chewing gum can also lead to stomach discomfort and gas. This is because the artificial sweeteners and sugar alcohols found in many gums can be difficult for the body to digest, leading to excess gas production. Furthermore, the constant chewing motion can also cause the stomach to produce more acid, which can contribute to feelings of discomfort and bloating. Instead of reaching for gum as a quick snack, opt for a piece of fruit or a handful of nuts to satisfy hunger and avoid potential bloating.



Dairy Obviously dairy is a no go for anybody with a form of lactose intolerance, but it can be also be something that any individual might want to avoid before they hit the beach. Nearly all types of traditional dairy can cause bloating, gas and in some cases even more uncomfortable stomach discomfort, so to be on the safe side before you put your bikini on it might be best to avoid it all together.


Cruciferous Vegetables

Cruciferous Vegetables Though they are the perfect food for the long-term weight loss process, cruciferous vegetables like broccoli, kale and cabbage are your enemy when it comes to looking bloated in a bikini! They contain something called raffinose which is a complex sugar that loves to cause bloat within the body. Perhaps switch to a healthy fruit smoothie in the days leading up to your beach trip instead of dining on your favorite green veggies.


Cruciferous vegetables are known for their numerous health benefits, including aiding in weight loss. However, for those looking to avoid bloating in their bikini, these vegetables may not be the best choice. This is because they contain a complex sugar called raffinose, which can cause bloating in the body. Other foods high in raffinose include beans, lentils, and onions. To reduce bloating before hitting the beach, consider incorporating more fruits and lean proteins into your diet and limiting your intake of cruciferous vegetables. Additionally, drinking plenty of water and staying hydrated can also help combat bloating.


Sugar Based Mixers

Sugar Based Mixers Though it is true that drinks like pina coladas and rum runners are an iconic symbol of good times at the beach, all of the excess sugar that is contained in the sweet cocktails can contribute to a lot of bloating if you are already prone to it. The mixture of natural and artificial sweeteners that drinks like these contain can really affect your tummy, so maybe opt for something with a little less fructose.

You deserve to look oh so fabulous darling in your bikini. You worked so hard for that beautiful beach body so avoid these items to avoid the bloat. Agreed?

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Someone told me the best way to not bloat is to not eat anything after 9pm. It really works

First it says drink fruit smoothies then it says no sugar fruit mixers..? :S

This app is garbage it tells u not to have the healthy foods which couses way more problem thsn just bloating eat evrything ladies just b active and exercise with it !! Thats all btw theres no scintific prove that it couse bliating

I don't know why but I feel bloated all the time

Whoops ! And there was me chomping away at an apple a day and putting my puffy tummy down to gallbladder removal ! Thanks ! Apples are out !

I think she means the healthy smoothies that have no sugar added. The goal is to avoid sugary things

Yes I am not surprised about apples but it also depends on your life style of you lead a healthy enough lifestyle then it's not so bad

Apples who knew wow good article thanks

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