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Frushi is the Clever Way to Get Your Fruits in Daily ...

By Neecey

What’s frushi? Fruit + sushi = frushi! Fruit Sushi is a fun and delicious snack or dessert. And, no special kitchen tools are needed to make it! At its most basic it is coconut sticky rice topped with fruit but of course, you can be creative and make all different forms of faux sushi with all your favorite fruits. Healthy and delicious and pretty to look at, it’s the perfect summer food.

1 Basic Frushi

Basic FrushiSource: Fruit Sushi (Frushi) - Dinner

2 Nutella and Banana Sushi

Nutella and Banana SushiSource: Nutella & Banana Sushi
A great new way to eat a classic combination.

3 Rice Krispie Sushi

Rice Krispie SushiSource: Rice Krispie Treat ‘Sushi’
Swap the regular rice for rice krispies and fruit roll ups for nori.

4 Easy Fruit Sushi

Easy Fruit SushiSource: Back to school snacks: How
Contains chia seeds so it's super healthy.

5 Banana Sushi

Banana SushiSource: Banana Sushi - Fit Foodie
A delicious combo of banana, dark chocolate, nuts and black sesame seeds.

6 Sticky Rice and Mango

Sticky Rice and MangoSource: Thai Coconut Sticky Rice with
The classic Thai dessert of sweet coconut sticky rice and mango repackaged in sushi form.

7 Fruit Roll Sushi

Fruit Roll SushiSource: This Recipe For Fruit Sushi
Make it with your favorite fruit

8 'Waffle' Breakfast 'Sushi'

'Waffle' Breakfast 'Sushi'Source: Waffle Breakfast Sushi Rolls
A very interesting and tasty way to start the day.

9 Fresh Frushi

Fresh FrushiSource: Disney Recipe: Frushi from Epcot’s
Almost too pretty to eat.

10 Rainbow Frushi

Rainbow FrushiSource: Rita's Mood & Inspiration: Strawberry
Who could resist something so colorful?

11 Banana Sushi

Banana SushiSource: Healthy Eating Tips and Recipes
Bye bye boring banana!

12 Frushi Rolls

Frushi RollsSource: Healthy After School Snack Ideas
You can make this with colored soy wrappers or pancakes.

13 Easy Fruit Sushi

Easy Fruit SushiSource:
This is great if you can't be bothered (or can't master it) with the rolling with a mat technique.

14 Disney Frushi

Disney FrushiSource: Disney Recipe: Frushi from Epcot’s

15 Strawberry Sushi

Strawberry SushiSource: Strawberry sushi
So simple. So pretty.

16 Chocolate, Coconut and Fruit Sushi

Chocolate, Coconut and Fruit SushiSource: The Opera blog
It looks so decadent.

17 Melon Sushi Roll Ups

Melon Sushi Roll UpsSource: Melon Sushi Roll Up
Perfect for on the go snacking

18 Fruit Sushi with Coconut Cream Dip

Fruit Sushi with Coconut Cream DipSource:
A must for coconut lovers.

19 Strawberry and Kiwi Sushi Balls

Strawberry and Kiwi Sushi BallsSource: Apron and Sneakers - Cooking
Influenced by onigiri - Japanese rice balls

20 Dessert Maki

Dessert MakiSource: Dessert Maki, Chocolate rolls
Yum - chocolate and fruit

21 How the Professionals do It

How the Professionals do ItThere's no link to a recipe because this was a competition dish created by Max Santiago of Gansevoort Miami Beach. It's Dragon Fruit, Pineapple and Kiwi Sushi Roll, with Pickled Plum, Soy Caramel, Blood-Orange Caviar and Apple-Wasabi Sorbet.

Time to practice your rolling techniques ladies.

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