7 Things to Add to Your Cornbread Tonight ...


While there are always the traditional things to add to your cornbread, today I want to introduce you to a few not so common things that you should add to your cornbread tonight! Most people tend to think of cornbread as an unhealthy dish that should be shunned off forever but that really isn't the case! With the right ingredients, cornbread fits into any healthy living lifestyle. Today I want to share with you a few things to add to your cornbread to make it not only delicious but healthy too!

1. Jalapenos


One of the first things to add to your cornbread tonight is a jalapeño! Jalapeños give cornbread a spicy flavor without providing too much heat. I like to dice up one jalapeño and use about half of it in an entire recipe. This way, it is spicy enough for those who like it hot, but not too hot for those with sensitive palates.

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