This is Why Jennifer Aniston Eats Rye Bread Every Day ...


Rye bread has such a distinct and delicious flavor, which is probably why Jennifer Aniston regularly tosses it into her grocery cart. You should be doing the same because rye bread has a load of health benefits that are going to surprise you. My favorite way to eat rye is toasted with real cream butter, but it also makes the perfect thing for pastrami or patty melt sandwiches. Next time you’re deciding which kind of bread to buy, consider the following perks of trying rye on for size.

1. Weight Control

No, rye bread cannot help you lose or maintain a healthy weight on its own. However, research published in the journal, Nutrition, reports that rye bread for breakfast can help. This is probably because it contains a wealth of fiber, which helps control your appetite and prevents hunger between meals. The fiber in rye absorbs more water than other types of bread, helping you feel satisfied and full for longer periods of time.

Improves Bowel Function
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