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7 Tips for Carving Meat at Christmas Dinner ...

By Eliza

When the holidays roll around, tips for carving meat come in handy. That’s because most people enjoy a hunk of it as part of the celebration. Whether your family enjoys beef brisket, a turkey or goose, ham or a rack of lamb, having some tips for carving meat can leave you with a lovely presentation that your guests can enjoy visually while also being delicious to eat. Here are some of the easiest and the best. Let them serve you well this Christmas.

1 Use a Sharp Knife

Imagine what would happen if you use a dull blade to cut your meat. Here’s the answer – it will mutilate it and tear it up into unappealing pieces that might make your guests turn it down altogether. Therefore, one of the best tips for carving meat is to use a very sharp blade. That way it slides easily through whatever kind of meat you’re serving, leaving you with lovely slices that everyone will want to gobble right up.

2 Cut with the Grain

This is especially important if you’re cutting something like a beef roast or a steak. Cutting with the grain of the meat is easier to do, which is what you want when you’re getting ready to serve a fancy meal to a crowd. It’s also the best way to make the presentation of the meat what you want it to be.

3 Grab a Carving Fork

You’re going to need a way to hold onto the meat while you slice it right? This is when a carving fork comes in handy. You can insert it into your turkey, lamb or roast so that you can hold it in place as you slice the meat into servings. Make sure you place the fork far enough into the meat that you won’t hit it with the knife. Then use it to get a grip on your meat. You’ll be glad you did this step because you won’t end up frustrated when it’s time to carve.

4 Choose a Sturdy Surface

The card table that the kids will be eating at isn’t it. You must have a stable and sturdy table or other work surface for your carving. Otherwise you run the risk of your meal ending up on the floor. That’s definitely not the way to make a good impression on Christmas. If you plan to carve at the table so everyone can watch, be sure you place the meat toward the center, but close enough that you can reach. The edge is bad choice.

5 Aim for Uniform Slices

When you carve meat, whatever kind that happens to be, you want the pieces to be similar in size and thickness. That way each person can grab a slice and you can be sure everyone is getting the same amount. To achieve this, make sure you hold the knife at the same angle for each cut. Eyeball the dimensions before inserting the knife so that you can be sure you’re getting it just the way you want it.

6 Find the Right Length

There’s a big difference between the size of a game hen and the size of a turkey, right? That means different knives can get the job done. While you definitely want to make sure your knife is sharp, you also want to be sure it’s long enough to work its way through the entire cut of meat at one time. Hold the knife up to the meat before carving to be sure you have the right one.

7 Let It Rest

Most of the experts encourage letting your meat rest for about 10 to 15 minutes before carving it. This allows the juices to redistribute into the meat rather than running out all over your cutting surface. While this is especially important for beef, it also applies to other types of meat too.

What kind of meat will you be serving for Christmas dinner this year? My family is more of a snacks and appetizers kind of family, but next time I serve meat I have new tips for helping me get it done right. I hope that you have learned something from this list and that this is your best Christmas ever. Do you have any other meat carving tips to share?

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