7 Superhero Vegetables You Should Be Best Friends with ...

How many superhero vegetables do you get acquainted with at meal times? The superheroes of the vegetable world should be among your best friends. Their super powers bring you health, strength and nourishment. You should have a wide circle of superhero vegetables as friends and meet up with them regularly. Here are 7 to call up for a dinner date this week.

1. The Allium Avenger

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Superpower โ€“ a born leader
Personality โ€“ many layers

Donโ€™t ever underestimate the power of The Allium Avenger. The onion is the quiet one of the superhero vegetables. Most often he is content to play a supporting role, adding flavor and texture to the meal, being the perfect marriage to the other components. Occasionally heโ€™ll strike out on his own to be the starring role where his pungent aroma and strong taste will delight his taste bud friends. Heโ€™ll be doing you good without you even knowing heโ€™s

2. Captain Carotene

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Superpower โ€“ supreme eyesight
Personality โ€“ gritty exterior that scrubs up well

Captain Carotene may look like heโ€™s had too many sessions in the tanning booth but that color defines him. The color means he can deliver a hurricane hit of super beta-carotene that is a feast for the eyes. Carrot โ€“ as he likes to be known for short โ€“ is happy going it alone or mixing it with his superhero friends. Adapts well to hot and cold conditions.

3. Red Shadow

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Superpower โ€“ paints the town red
Personality โ€“ well rounded and assured

In recent years, the Red Shadow has been making more noise. And yes, the people are listening. Beetroot is one of the superhero vegetables weโ€™re glad is around to take care of us. That portly stature is packed with phytonutrients to ward off pesky toxins and work with all his healthy enzyme and nutrient pals.

4. Agent Sunroot

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Superpower โ€“ destroys free radicals
Personality โ€“ tough outward exterior hides a tender heart

Ba-da-bing โ€“ enter Agent Sunroot, aka the sweet potato. Sweet potato is the diva of the vegetable world. He just loves to be center of attention, even if heโ€™s sometimes forced into a supporting role. Heโ€™ll beg you to be paired with his best friends sugar and marshmallow, but theyโ€™re only pretending to be his best friends โ€“ theyโ€™re best left in the cupboard until Thanksgiving. Invite sweet potatoโ€™s superpowers of vitamins A and C, beta-carotene, folate and potassium into your life regularly.

5. The Green Queen

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Superpower โ€“ antioxidant blast
Personality โ€“ more complex than you think

Whenever thereโ€™s a call for a healthy blast of antioxidants and nutrients, the Green Queen is on hand to deliver. Kale prides herself on being up to any job. Point her in the direction of your immune system and metabolism and sheโ€™ll give them a boost. She loves to take a steam bath with a soupาซon of seasoning and sheโ€™s partial to being made into chips if you promise to bake her in a hot oven.

6. Cannonball Crusader

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Superpower โ€“ wards off cravings
Personality โ€“ powerful punch in a pocket size package

Donโ€™t underestimate the Cannonball Crusader. You wonโ€™t ever see other superhero vegetables laughing at the diminutive chickpea (garbanzo bean). They know that little round knobbly bean packs a powerful punch when it comes to staving off cravings and fighting cholesterol. Youโ€™ll feel plenty full after an encounter with a few Cannonball Crusaders.

7. Supersprout

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Superpower โ€“ fiber fix
Personality โ€“ bad boy with hidden depths

Poor old Brussels sprout. He needs some new PR. Heโ€™s had a bad rep for too long now and itโ€™s thoroughly undeserved. Back in the day, school canteen and dinner ladies didnโ€™t understand his powerful properties and couldnโ€™t decide if he should be served up like bullets or a squidgy mush. Today, Supersprout is known to deliver a serious fiber fix and if you treat him kindly and cook him well, heโ€™ll taste good too. He'll even bring his antioxidant delivering, inflammatory fighting, cholesterol busting friends to the party too.

Which superhero vegetables can you call your best friends? Do you now have plans to get acquainted with more?

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