7 Unbelievably Light and Scrumptiously Healthy Types of Cheese ...


Types of Cheese are delicious but many people avoid them due to high fat content. If you love yourself some cheesy goodness, don't let concerns about calories and things keep you from enjoying your vice. There are tons of light and healthy types of cheeses you can enjoy! You don't have to rely on cheddar, Swiss, and other cheeses with high calorie counts. Instead, check out all these scrumptiously healthy types of cheeses you can enjoy each day!

1. Mozzarella

If you've never tried fresh mozzarella, you don't know what you're missing. This is one of my favorite types of cheeses. Better still, there's only 71 calories in one ounce, not to mention plenty of calories. Put it in your pasta, your salad, or eat it with toasted bread and tomatoes. Mmm!

Goat Cheese
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