9 Vegan Foods to Help You Get in Shape ...


If youโ€™re looking to take things up a notch in your diet, then go plant-based with these vegan foods to help you get in shape! To get in shape and stay there, your diet should be comprised of lean protein, vitamins, minerals, fiber, and very little sugar. This keeps your glycemic index level, so your body can burn fat and build muscle instead of burning off sugary carbs all day. Why vegan? Plant-based foods can be a great way to reset your body if it needs a break from a high-stress lifestyle since theyโ€™re very cleansing and healing. Vegan foods are also highly alkaline, which means they may help counter weight gain from inflammation often caused by an acidic diet rich in animal-based foods. Dive into these vegan foods to help you get in shape and in no time youโ€™ll be looking great and feeling great too!

1. Oats


Donโ€™t fear carbs such as oats because they are one of the best vegan foods of all to help you get in shape. Rolled or steel cut oats are digested more slowly than instant varieties, so they satisfy your appetite and stimulate the body to burn more calories as a result.

Green Peas
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