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There are plenty of healthy ingredients for a great sandwich, but I have a feeling most of us just stick to the classic tomatoes, cucumbers, bell peppers, cheese and cold cuts. Aside from these, there is a plethora of other foods that add new flavors and spice up your sandwich. Plus it is always more fun to switch up every day combinations and surprise your taste buds for a change. So here are a few ideas of some healthy ingredients for a great sandwich you should try out!

1. Avocados

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Avocados are one of the most delicious healthy ingredients for a great sandwich. They contain incredibly healthy mono-unsaturated fats that make your body healthy, they reduce blood pressure and they are a great source of fiber. So forget about the butter, jam or mayonnaise and instead spread a mashed avocado on your toasted bread! It will be the new best thing you have ever tried.

2. Hummus

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Although hummus is usually used as a dip, it doesn’t mean that that is its only function. Try using it as a spread! Personally I love topping off my toast with hummus and cucumbers; it makes a refreshing and satisfying sandwich that is filled with flavor!

3. Low-fat Plain Yogurt

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Believe it or not, you can also incorporate low-fat plain yogurt into your sandwiches. You can use it as a spread or just mix it with all of the other ingredients to stick them together. The thick and smooth consistency of Greek yogurt adds a nice texture that perfectly complements the chunkiness of other ingredients.

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β€˜An apple a day keeps the doctor away.' but let’s face it, eating plain apples by themselves can sometimes get boring. So we have to get creative with incorporating this antioxidant-rich fruit into our diet! Try slicing this delicious fruit and layering it on top of the greens and cold cuts of your choice.

5. Low-fat Cold Cuts

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For all of the meat-lovers out there, try to stay away from high fat meats and instead focus on low-fat cold cuts such as turkey and chicken breast. Cold cuts like pepperoni, salami and bologna are high in saturated fat and therefore can frequently cause weight gain. So again, they are not recommended!

6. Eggplant

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Roasted eggplants are amazing additions to sandwiches. Although I’ll have to admit I don’t really care for eggplants, I’ve found a way to incorporate them into my meals without forcing them down. If you feel the same way, try grilling these bad boys and layer them up in your sandwich.

7. White Beans

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For a delicious white bean paste, combine white beans with oil, salt and pepper and roughly mash them all together. With just a few ingredients you will be able to mix up a delicious and most of all healthy spread, which can serve as a great source of fiber, protein and potassium! So slather it all over your bread and pile on your greens and vegetables.

If you spend most of your time on the go, sandwiches are your main forms of energy. They are convenient, quick and pretty darn delicious. However, sticking to just a few ingredients is not recommended for your health, which is why you should always incorporate different sources of vitamins and minerals into your food. Which sandwich combinations are your favorites?

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