7 Superfoods from Other Cuisines That You Need to Try ...

By Taji

There are so many superfoods from other cuisines that few people know about! Rich in vitamins, trace minerals, healthy fats, and even probiotics, learning about superfoods from other cuisines is a great way to beat boredom and amp up the nutritional content of your diet. Try one (or all) of these delicious superfoods in your next meal!

1 Guacamole

Guacamole Guacamole is one of the most mainstream superfoods from other cuisines. Native to Latin American and other South American cultures, avocados are a rich source of monounsaturated fat, the same kind of fat that promotes clear, bright skin and reduces belly fat. Adding a little avocado or guacamole to your next burrito or salad is a great way to improve the dish’s overall nutritional profile.

2 Kimchi

Kimchi When people hear the term ‘fermented foods,’ they often think about foods that have spoiled or gone bad. Fermentation is actually a process in which various enzymes, bacteria, or other yeast chemically break down a food. This breakdown creates healthy byproducts like probiotics that are actually really good for us! Kimchi is a Korean dish of spicy cabbage and other veggies that has been fermented. It’s rich in probiotics, making it a great source if you don’t eat dairy.

3 Goji Berries

Goji Berries Goji berries are super popular today, and for good reason! Native to China and other ancient East Asian cultures, goji berries have been used medicinally for thousands of years, treating everything from chronic migraines to liver disorders and digestion problems. They make a great portable snack and are perfect when you’re on-the-go.

4 Teff

Teff Teff is one of the best gluten-free whole grains out there—yet few people know about it! With as much calcium as half a cup of cooked spinach and loads of Vitamin C, teff is an Ethiopian grain that can flourish in a variety of climates. This makes it great for areas of Africa with unpredictable weather patterns. Teff can be cooked like porridge. The seeds are also so tiny you can grind them in a Vitamix and make your own homemade teff flour!

5 Turmeric

Turmeric Turmeric is one of the most powerful anti-inflammatory foods on the planet. You’ll often find it in Indian and other Middle Eastern dishes. Turmeric adds a strong and distinct flavor to a variety of chicken, beef, vegetable, and rice dishes, making it a great spice if you’re looking for some new dishes. Ancient ayurvedic medicine recommends turmeric for digestive disorders, respiratory problems, and arthritis symptoms.

6 Dulse

Dulse Who knew sea vegetables would be so fun to eat? Dulse is a sea vegetable native to Japanese cuisine. (It’s in the same family as nori wrappers and other seaweeds used in Japanese cooking.) Dulse is super rich in iodine, which is one of the top minerals people have deficiencies in. Iodine is the top mineral for thyroid health, making dulse great for when you need a boost of energy. Despite its fishy taste and smell, dulse is great in salads, soups, and a variety of other dishes.

7 Raw Cacao Products

Raw Cacao Products Native to the forests of the Amazon, cacao is one of the most sacred nuts available for human consumption. Many forget that chocolate actually comes from a nut, but this potent cacao nut has the highest levels of magnesium found in any plant food. Try using raw cacao nibs or powder to reap all the health benefits. Heat tends to destroy the important vitamins, minerals, and other live enzymes.

Hopefully, learning about superfoods from different cuisines has changed your attitude about eating healthy. Try adding one new food every couple of weeks and see how you feel. What are some of your favorite superfoods?

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