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If you’re looking to take things up a notch in your diet, then go plant-based with these vegan foods to help you get in shape! To get in shape and stay there, your diet should be comprised of lean protein, vitamins, minerals, fiber, and very little sugar. This keeps your glycemic index level, so your body can burn fat and build muscle instead of burning off sugary carbs all day. Why vegan? Plant-based foods can be a great way to reset your body if it needs a break from a high-stress lifestyle since they’re very cleansing and healing. Vegan foods are also highly alkaline, which means they may help counter weight gain from inflammation often caused by an acidic diet rich in animal-based foods. Dive into these vegan foods to help you get in shape and in no time you’ll be looking great and feeling great too!

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Oats Don’t fear carbs such as oats because they are one of the best vegan foods of all to help you get in shape. Rolled or steel cut oats are digested more slowly than instant varieties, so they satisfy your appetite and stimulate the body to burn more calories as a result.


Green Peas

Green Peas Green peas (not to be confused with split peas) are one of the most nutritious legumes you can eat and one of the easiest to digest. They are a great source of B vitamins and amino acids that assist with increasing the metabolism.



Mushrooms Mushrooms are the perfect replacement for beef or other meats in sauces, casseroles, and even on pizza! Mushrooms are rich in fiber and antioxidants, yet very low in calories. They are quite filling and hearty so they help to satisfy your appetite for heavier, more calorie-dense foods.



Lentils Lentils are another legume to add to your vegan diet to get in shape. One cup of lentils contain 18 grams of protein, no fat, and only 230 calories. A cuo also contains nine grams of fiber and all essential amino acids. Lentils are great in soup, in a salad, or served in sauces such as marinara to replace meat.



Spinach Sure kale is a miraculous food, but spinach is actually higher in protein and in fiber. Spinach is also a fantastic source of iron and B vitamins. Spinach can be added anywhere you want to increase the protein content, so get creative with this super green!



Flax Flax seeds are the richest source of plant-based omega 3 fatty acids, which are important for hormone function, weight loss and preventing inflammation. Flax is also a great source of fiber to keep you regular and to battle bloating.



Berries Berries have been linked to a reduced waistline and have been shown to reduce inflammation in the heart, muscles, and blood. They are also a top source of antioxidants and are lower in sugar than other fruits, making them more glycemic friendly.


Hemp Protein

Hemp Protein Hemp protein is a rich source of all essential amino acids and it is hypoallergenic, so many people tolerate it fairly well. It is a great vegan replacement to whey protein in shakes or smoothies and is also a terrific source of fiber.



Spirulina This deep-sea algae is the richest source of protein known to man. It’s also rich in omega 3s, vitamin B12, iron, and vitamin A. Spirulina can help give you more energy, serve as a source of complete protein, and reduce inflammation that leads to weight gain. You can use it in the form of powders in your smoothies or take a supplement.

These vegan foods aren't just great to add to your diet if you’re looking to get in shape fast, but they're also wonderful for your blood sugar and cravings! Just be sure to fill up with as many leafy greens, non-starchy veggies, low-sugar fruits, whole grains, legumes, and seeds as possible to get the nutrition that you need. Remember that going vegan doesn’t have to equal deprivation. What vegan foods help keep you in shape?

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