Video 🎞 Recipe for Delicious 🤤 No Bake Cheesecake 🥄 in a Jar ...

Do you have small jars or small drinking glasses taking up room in your house with no use? Well, honey, do I have a use for you! Cheesecake in a jar!

Very cute for a baby shower, wedding shower, graduation party, etc. Perfect for a summer wedding!

Watch the following YouTube video for a few directions:

There are only a few problems that I find with this tutorial. But, I know how to fix.

1. There Are Alot of Ingredients

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2. The Ingredients Stick to the Mixer

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So, what would I do?

I would buy pudding! Simply, place the graham cracker crust in the jars. Layer the pudding. Layer the pie filling. Refrigerate.

However, if you are one to be a Suzy Homemaker, by all means follow the YouTube tutorial.

This really is a perfect dessert for a gathering.

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