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You Won't Be Able to Resist My Favorite Homemade Ice Cream Recipe ...

By Deeceebee

I scream, you scream, we all scream for Ice cream. There’s nothing quite like cooling off in summer with a delicious ice cream and we are blessed with being able to choose some incredible flavors from the supermarket. But, when you think about it, ice cream is quite expensive for what it is (there is a huge retail mark up on ice cream) and, there is nothing quite like home made ice cream. Some recipes make use of store bought ice and jazz it up in great ways. My particular favorite homemade ice cream dessert this summer is absolutely amazing and makes use of store-bought ice cream. Don’t buy cheapo ice cream for this Pistachio and Turkish delight ice cream terrine recipe because the better the ice cream, the better this dessert tastes. It’s brilliant for a dinner party or summer barbecue and will really impress your guests and it can be decorated so it looks really pretty.

Here’s the recipe for Pistachio and Turkish Delight Ice Cream Terrine


17fl oz (500 ml) good quality vanilla ice cream
8oz (250g) rose and lemon Turkish delight
3 ½ oz shelled pistachios
Small knob of butter
Extra pistachios for decoration - chopped
Extra Turkish delight for decoration - chopped
Dried rose petals for decoration

p.s. – I like to use a high quality clotted cream ice cream.

1 Allow the Ice Cream to Soften

2 Roughly Chop the Pistachios

3 Roughly Chop the Turkish Delight

4 Grease a 2lb (900g) Loaf Tin with the Knob of Butter and Line with Cling Film Ensuring Enough Hangs over the Edges to Completely Cover the Top of the Finished Terrine

5 Put the Ice Cream into a Good-sized Bowl and Use a Large Spoon to Loosen It by Stirring

6 Add the Chopped Turkish Delight and Pistachios and Stir until Well Combined and the Bit Are Well Distributed through the Ice Cream

7 Pour the Mixture into the Loaf Tin and Smooth over to Get a Flat Surface

8 Cover with the Overhanging Clingfilm

9 Put into the Freezer for at Least 1 Hour

10 Remove the Terrine from the Tin by Pulling It out by the Clingfilm

11 Put the Terrine on a Serving Platter and Decorate with the Extra Turkish Delight, Pistachios, and Dried Rose Petals

12 Serve in Slices

I really hope you enjoy this fabulous Turkish Delight and Pistachio Ice Cream Terrine.

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