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29 Ways to Reinvent Your Sandwich for People Who Love Pita Bread ...

By Neecey

The easiest way to make a healthier sandwich is to replace regular bread – whichever type of bread you would generally choose – with pita bread. These perfectly formed pockets are ideal for stuffing with all your favorite sandwich ingredients and then some. Throw some pita bread in your shopping cart and your sandwiches will never be the same again.

1 Chicken Caesar Pitas

dish,food,produce,vegetable,meal, Source: Chicken Caesar Pitas - The

2 Roasted Vegetable Pita Sandwiches

food,dish,tostada,salad,cuisine, Source: Roasted Vegetable Pita Sandwich Recipe

3 Steak' Em up Pitas

food,dish,meat,produce,cuisine, Source: Steak Em Up Pitas

4 Buffalo Falafel Pitas

food,dish,meal,produce,fish, Source: Buffalo Falafel Pitas Half Baked

5 Healthy Avocado Chicken Salad

dish,food,produce,cuisine,meal, Source: Healthy Avocado Chicken Salad

6 Tuna Salad

food,dish,meal,cuisine,breakfast, Source: The Simplest, Lightest, Easiest Tuna

7 Breakfast Pocket with Eggs and Canadian Bacon

food,dish,meal,breakfast,cuisine, Source: Eggs and Canadian Bacon in

8 Slow Cooker Memphis Pork Pitas with Southwest Slaw

food,dish,cuisine,pulled pork,produce, Source: {Slow Cooker} Memphis BBQ Pork

9 Greek Olive Pesto and Fried Zucchini Grilled Pitas

food,dish,produce,plant,land plant, Source: Greek Olive Pesto and Fried

10 Grilled Portobello Goat Cheese Pitas

food,dish,meal,bruschetta,cuisine, Source: Grilled Portobello-Goat Cheese Pitas Recipe

11 Gyros with Greek Chicken & Tzatziki Sauce

food,dish,cuisine,produce,breakfast, Source: Gyros with Greek Chicken, Tzatziki

12 Cucumber Chicken Pita

food,dish,meal,breakfast,cuisine, Source: Cucumber Chicken Pita Sandwiches

13 Quinoa Burgers

food,dish,breakfast,meal,produce, Source: Greek-Style Quinoa Burgers - Whole

14 Mexicali Stuffed Pita Pockets

food,dish,cuisine,tostada,produce, Source: Mexicali Stuffed Pita Pockets

15 Greek Salad Pita

food,dish,salad,produce,cuisine, Source: Food!

16 Chicken Shawarma Pita with Tahini Garlic Sauce

dish,food,cuisine,produce,meal, Source: Chicken Shawarma Pita with Tahini

17 Fruit Pita

food,dish,meal,breakfast,produce, Source: PB and Strawberry Pockets

18 Pitas with Hummus and Cucumber

dish,food,produce,cuisine,land plant, Source: The 10 Best Travel Snacks

19 Moroccan Chicken Salad Pitas

food,dish,meal,breakfast,breakfast sandwich, Source: Moroccan Chicken Salad Pitas

20 Scrambled Egg and Veggie Pita Pockets

ASOS Marketplace,food,dish,tostada,cuisine, Source: Tone and Tighten

21 Curried Chicken and Lentil Pita Pockets

food,dish,tostada,cuisine,produce, Source: Curried Chicken and Lentil Pita

22 Lamb Burgers with Green Harissa

food,dish,cuisine,meat,meal, Source: Lamb Burgers with Green Harissa

23 Zucchini Corn Sweet Potato Fritters Poblano Avocado Cream in Pita

dish,food,produce,land plant,vegetable, Source: zucchini + corn + sweet

24 Cheeseburger Pita

food,dish,produce,cuisine,meat, Source: Cheeseburger Pitas

25 Veggie Pita Pocket

food,dish,cuisine,meat,produce, Source: Recipe for Fertility: Mediterranean Diet

26 Falafels and Creamy Tahini Sauce

food,dish,produce,meat,falafel, Source: Healthy Super Bowl Party Fare

27 Spinach, Hummus, and Avocado Pitas

food,dish,meal,breakfast,produce, Source: Spinach Hummus Pitas, Sweet Potato

28 Spring Lamb Pitas

dish,food,cuisine,fish,produce, Source: Spring Lamb Pitas

29 Greek Chicken Pita Pockets

food,dish,cuisine,produce,fajita, Source: Easy Slow Cooker Recipes

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