7 Weight Friendly Foods from Convenient Stores That I Just Love ...


Last week I went into a really nice convenient store and was shocked at all the weight friendly foods available today. I think the last time I actually paid attention to food in a convenient store was three years ago, when I spent 12 hours on the road moving to New York, and again when I moved back home months later to SC. I previously had no great options in convenient stores if I got hungry, so I brought plenty of healthy snacks with me. Yet, the other day, I saw that I could travel worry-free now, and have tons of foods available to me if I got hungry on the road. I think it’s great that businesses like convenient stores are becoming aware that health is a concern for many people, and are noticing that Slim Jims and M&Ms shouldn’t be the only available options for a snack. Check out my favorite weight friendly foods you can find at many convenient stores. If you find yourself in a pinch, just grab one of these!

1. Almonds


I’ve always seen peanuts at convenient stores, or heavily roasted, salted nut mixes, but I was pleasantly surprised to see one of the best weight friendly foods at convenient stores most recently, which is almonds! The particular store I was in had unsalted plain almonds, which are perfect for a nice crunch and protein-rich snack. You can also find natural almonds at drugstores, by the way, if a convenient store doesn’t offer them.

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