7 Yummy Foods to Serve with Rice ...


There are lots of foods to serve with rice, so your next meal can include this healthy side dish any time you want. Rice, especially the brown version, is a good source of fiber and protein, so it pays to include it in your healthy meal plans. Rice has a pretty mild flavor, which means it pairs well with many ingredients. Check out my favorite foods to serve with rice and you’ll have plenty of inspiration for dinner tonight.

1. Burritos


Rice pairs great with beans, so it makes sense to add rice to your next burrito, and to add burritos to your list of foods to serve with rice. It’ll help satisfy your appetite without adding tons of fat to your meal. Combine cooked steamed rice with refried beans in a tortilla and add shredded lettuce, chopped tomatoes, cheese, avocado cubes and salsa. Then roll it up and try to fit your mouth around the entire thing.

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