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Looking for the best Easter chocolate? Easter is the best holiday for one reason. You don’t need an excuse to guzzle on chocolate. Me? I don’t need any excuse, any time. Still, it’s nice to have something that little bit more special than your regular favorite candy bar or chocolate treat. I’ve compiled a list of the best Easter chocolate, eggs, baskets and sweet Easter gifts to delight all ages.

1. Beaded Easter Egg

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This wonderful beaded Easter egg gift contains lots of delicious individual chocolates, but what makes it different is the material outer shell that you can keep long after Easter and perhaps use to keep things like rings or earrings in.

$35.00 at godiva.com

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2. Easter Cheer Basket

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This Easter themed gift basket is the perfect thing to buy for a loved on this year. It contains multiple different sweet treats from Godiva along with a wonderful Easter bunny soft plush toy that makes everything seem even sweeter!

$50.00 at godiva.com

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3. Chocolate Flower Gift Box

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Easter is just as much about the wonderful spring flowers as it is cute bunnies, so this flower head shaped box of chocolates it just as fitting for the season. Thirty-two individually wrapped pieces of heaven!

$24.00 at godiva.com

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4. Chocolate Eggs Gift Box

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There is something really cool and modern about this pretty selection of brightly colored, individually wrapped Easter chocolates. A great alternative for someone who doesn’t want one big egg.

$20.00 at godiva.com

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5. Dark Chocolate Bunny

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Though milk chocolate is usually the most popular variety round this time, we can’t forget those people who prefer the darker pleasures in life, so to speak!

$5.00 at godiva.com

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6. Easter Basket Essentials Bundle

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Ideal if there's a few people you gift to at Easter. Full of Godiva goodies as well as a plush bunny, there's sweet treats for everyone.

$65.00 at godiva.com

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7. Assorted Chocolate Gold Gift Box

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If you are looking for something that isn’t necessarily Easter themed, then this petite but delicious 8-piece box topped with a ‘spring’ ribbon will definitely do the trick!

$16.00 at godiva.com

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8. Patisserie Dessert Truffles Gift Box

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Need a special little something to serve with coffee after an Easter lunch or just to delight your guests? Godiva's truffles inspired by desserts and cakes are the perfect bite-sized answer.

$32.00 at godiva.com

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9. Carrot Layer Cake

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What do bunnies love more than anything? That’s right! Carrots! You can do the Easter theme with a twist by buying this amazing 10-inch carrot cake, it will definitely do down a treat!

$39.95 at davidscookies.com

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10. Cookie and Brownie Bucket

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If you know somebody who favours baked goods over solid chocolate, then this stunning Easter bucket filled with seasonal cookie and brownie goodies will certainly keep them happy over the Easter holidays!

$24.95 at davidscookies.com

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11. Chocolate Chip Deep Dish Cookie Cake

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The image of those words all together is enough to make the mouth water alone! A huge deep dish cookie cake like this could be the perfect desert to share with your family after an Easter lunch.

$42.90 at davidscookies.com

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12. Easter Jelly Belly Set

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If candy is more your thing compared to chocolate, then you can enjoy this Easter themed twist on classic Jelly Belly sweets; a big variety flavor box that comes with a cute Easter duckling soft toy.

$44.99 at englishteastore.com

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13. Bunny Love Easter Gift Basket

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This bunny basket gift set is a perfect present for both boys and girls, as long as they love chocolate and candy, that is! It’s filled with goodies like marshmallows, Pez sweets and foil wrapped chocolates.

$37.99 at englishteastore.com

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14. Lindt Chocolate Carrots

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Back to the carrot theme, one of my personal favorite brands of chocolate is Lindt, and these enormously cute little carrot pops complete with green handles are a great mini gift to give.

$3.50 at amazon.com

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15. Easter Themed Oreos

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If you love plain Oreos to begin with, then you are going to fall head over heels for this set of cookies that are covered in milk chocolate and decorated with seasonal animals like bunnies, chicks and rabbits.

$15.95 at amazon.com

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16. Reese’s Peanut Butter Eggs

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We’ve all got the one friend who could eat Reese’s peanut butter cups until they die, so this special bag of Easter themed peanut butter treats will be just the thing to top off a great Easter this year!

$22.76 at amazon.com

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17. Hershey’s Kisses

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If you’re looking to put together a bunch of individual, home made gift sets for your family and friends, then you can’t go wrong with using a huge batch of Hershey’s kisses as your starting point!

$25.94 at amazon.com

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