Stunning Christmas 🎄 Cakes 🎂 to Admire This Holiday Season ❄️️ ...

In recent years baking has become an art form. I am constantly amazed by the pictures of cakes that are posted and pinned on social media. I couldn't resist sharing some amazing Christmas cakes from Instagram.

Nom Nom

1. Santa Garland Cake

Such exuberance. It's joyful.

2. Snowman Topper

He looks so proud to be atop such a great cake, and rightly so.

3. Simply Sweet

This looks berry special, don't you think?

4. Gift Wrapped

All gifts should look this good.

5. Santa Claus is Coming to Town

You better watch out, you better beware ...

6. Yuletide Log

I've never seen a log look so good.

7. Oops

Well of course he wants to dive right in. Don't you?

8. White Reindeer

There really are real life white reindeer.

9. Traditional

I love that this has been hand painted.

10. Bauble

Yes - it really is a cake.

11. Drippy Cake

Drips worthy of Jackson Pollock

12. Gifts and Glitter

Fantastic colors, fantastic stacking... just fantastic

13. Cookie Collection

Will he share his cookies do you think?

14. The Colors of Christmas

Beautifully capturing the festive season.

15. Half-Naked

I love this. It looks so decadent while even being half naked. And what if I tell you it is an oreo-cream filled cake.

16. Home is Where the Hearth is

All ready for Santa's visit.

17. Penguin Christmas Party

I want an invite please.

18. Christmas Forest

Red velvet cake is hiding inside.

19. Trim the Tree

Can't beat red and green at Christmastime.

20. Smiley Cake

Those emojis get everywhere.

21. Jolly Snowman

The canes make it!

22. Bon Bon Bon

I do hope those snowballs are chocolate truffles.

23. Rudolph

What's better than a reindeer at Christmas? A chocolate cake reindeer of course.

24. Tree Cake

You gotta love a cake in the shape of something quintessentially Christmas.

25. Christmas Bear

One the kids will adore.

26. Let It Snow

Classic never fails.

27. Snowy Gingerbread Men

The little gingerbread are just too cute to eat.