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Stunning Christmas Cakes to Admire This Holiday Season ...

By Neecey

In recent years baking has become an art form. I am constantly amazed by the pictures of cakes that are posted and pinned on social media. I couldn't resist sharing some amazing Christmas cakes from Instagram.

Nom Nom

1 Santa Garland Cake

food, cake, birthday cake, dessert, cake decorating,@johadiva
Such exuberance. It's joyful.

2 Snowman Topper

cake, food, wedding cake, dessert, cake decorating,@ideiasdebolo
He looks so proud to be atop such a great cake, and rightly so.


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Eyeshadow looks for olive skin

3 Simply Sweet

aquifoliaceae, christmas decoration, food, produce, holly,@emily1701d
This looks berry special, don't you think?

4 Gift Wrapped

food, red, cake, dessert, sugar paste,@bosvortja
All gifts should look this good.

5 Santa Claus is Coming to Town

sugar paste, food, cake, cake decorating, dessert,@tastebudsensation
You better watch out, you better beware ...

6 Yuletide Log

I've never seen a log look so good.

7 Oops

food, cake, dessert, birthday cake, sugar paste,@amandinetweets
Well of course he wants to dive right in. Don't you?

8 White Reindeer

food, reindeer, deer, cake decorating, dessert,@verycherrycakes
There really are real life white reindeer.

9 Traditional

food, plant, carving, flower, produce,@madefromsugar
I love that this has been hand painted.

10 Bauble

red, christmas decoration, christmas,@beetys.sweeties
Yes - it really is a cake.

11 Drippy Cake

food, dessert, cake, birthday cake, icing,@nomnommty
Drips worthy of Jackson Pollock

12 Gifts and Glitter

purple, violet, pink, wedding cake, petal,@cakesbyrebecca1
Fantastic colors, fantastic stacking... just fantastic

13 Cookie Collection

food, dessert, christmas decoration, cake, christmas,@risecreatebake
Will he share his cookies do you think?

14 The Colors of Christmas

food, cake decorating, cake, birthday cake, dessert,@facsantos
Beautifully capturing the festive season.

15 Half-Naked

food, dessert, dish, buttercream, cake,@villadidulci
I love this. It looks so decadent while even being half naked. And what if I tell you it is an oreo-cream filled cake.

16 Home is Where the Hearth is

food, christmas decoration, dessert, dish, birthday cake,@gemreeve21
All ready for Santa's visit.

17 Penguin Christmas Party

food, dessert, cake, sugar paste, icing,@kerrie_wwuk
I want an invite please.

18 Christmas Forest

food, wedding cake, cake, dessert, cake decorating,@blueroosterbakeshop
Red velvet cake is hiding inside.

19 Trim the Tree

food, cake, dessert, cake decorating, sugar paste,@andreasbackblech
Can't beat red and green at Christmastime.

20 Smiley Cake

Lucks, food, cake, cake decorating, birthday cake,@lucksfood
Those emojis get everywhere.

21 Jolly Snowman

food, pink, cake, dessert, buttercream,@clare_blacklaw
The canes make it!

22 Bon Bon Bon

food, dessert, chocolate truffle, dish, edible mushroom,@itaewonluna
I do hope those snowballs are chocolate truffles.

23 Rudolph

food, dessert, cake, chocolate cake, buttercream,@misscakebrg
What's better than a reindeer at Christmas? A chocolate cake reindeer of course.

24 Tree Cake

aquifoliaceae, christmas tree, tree, christmas decoration, plant,@tortasrossi
You gotta love a cake in the shape of something quintessentially Christmas.

25 Christmas Bear

santa claus, toy, christmas decoration, stuffed toy, christmas,@ikana_cakery
One the kids will adore.

26 Let It Snow

white, food, cake, buttercream, dessert,@candicesullivan
Classic never fails.

27 Snowy Gingerbread Men

food, dish, cake, dessert, birthday cake,@as_claras_
The little gingerbread are just too cute to eat.

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