7 Cute Baking Accessories for Every Baking Queen's Kitchen ...


I love retreating to the kitchen for a few hours but I realized quite recently that my baking accessories are looking a bit old and careworn. I think I am putting some requests for some new kitchenware on my Christmas list this year so I’ve been on a hunt for some cute baking accessories. Want to see what I found?

1. Silicone Cake Pops Mould

Silicone Cake Pops Mould

We’ve had the cupcake craze, the macaron craze and now we’re into the cake pop craze. I personally find it a bit weird to have a cake as a lollipop but I can certainly understand their visual appeal and also the fun to be had in decorating them. They certainly make for a great item for a bake sale or a kid’s party. Silicone molds are definitely best and what could make for cuter baking accessories than for them to come in candy pink? They’re sold all over the place. The one in the picture is from Amazon.com.

Measuring Spoons
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