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To avoid feeling miserable, there are certain foods to avoid while on your period. Painful cramps, depressive moods and bloating can make your period the worst thing that's ever happened to you, but food plays a big role. Although these foods are never the best choice for your health, they are almost poisonous during that time of the month. These are some of the foods to avoid while on your period.

1. Fatty Meats

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The fats found in meats are mostly saturated, which can cause pain and inflammation. Additionally, when youโ€™re already suffering from cramps, saturated fats can actually worsen the pain, making fatty meats the number one on the list of foods to avoid while on your period. If you canโ€™t resist your craving for meat, opt for lean meats or, even healthier, fish.

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2. Ice Cream

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Yes, that bucket of ice cream is just what you need at the moment, but dairy products are high in fats and therefore have the same effects as fatty meats. Of course, this also goes for cheeses and cream. When cooking, try to avoid cheesy or creamy dishes, and if you really need a scoop of ice cream, look for a non-dairy gelato without added sugars.

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3. Processed Foods

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Although processed foods are an easy choice, they won't help your discomfort in any way. Foods like snacks, chips and canned foods often contain high amounts of sodium, causing bloating and discomfort. Opt for wholesome foods and snacks instead. A handful of unsalted nuts is an example of a great snack while youโ€™re on your period.

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4. Caffeine

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If youโ€™re a coffee-addict, this might be a difficult one to let go for a few days. However, caffeine can contribute to irregular periods. Additionally, doctors have said it can worsen menstrual cramps, as well as cause sleep difficulties and depressive moods. Although some teas also contain caffeine, it contains much less of it compared to coffee, making tea a good alternative. You should also avoid energy drinks.

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5. Sugary Foods

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Sugary foods, like candy, cookies and cakes are a big no-no during that time of the month. It elevates your mood for only a short while, before causing a big crash. The effects during menstruation are even bigger, and sugary foods also worsen the pain from cramps. If you need something sweet, go for some sweet fruits like melon, mango or a juicy peach.

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6. Alcohol

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Alcohol increases all the symptoms of PMS and cramps, so avoiding booze while on your period will make your week less bad than it already is. Additionally, alcohol acts as a blood thinner, which in turn increases your flow, causing even more discomfort. The effects can be noticed from just one glass, so avoid it altogether and grab that cup of tea.

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7. Commercial Baked Goods


You may feel you deserve a muffin from the bakery around the corner, but youโ€™re going to regret it. Commercial baked goods are high in trans-fats, driving the estrogen level up. When youโ€™re on your period, this can cause a sudden pain in the uterus. Eating bread that is high in fiber is a better way to help you through your menstruation.

Menstruation is an interesting thing. Some are always happy to see it coming, while others growl in anger. One thing is for sure: every woman experiences discomfort from it at some point. If youโ€™re suffering a lot of discomfort, avoiding these foods may be the solution for you. Do you have other tips to make your period less uncomfortable?

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