9 Fruits🍎🍉🍇 and Veggies🌽🍠 🌶 That Are Healthy💪🏼, Delish👅, and 💯% CUTE❗️ ...


You can make food look beautiful on the plate with presentation and fabulous colors.

But there are some fruits and veggies that are so beautiful to begin with you don’t need artistic flair to make them look good.

These fruits and veggies deserve Instagram accounts of their own they’re that cute.

If only produce could take selfies – these would be the pinups of the greengrocery aisle.

1. Pineberry

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Well, would you just take a look at this snazzy, sophisticated version of a strawberry!

Pineberries are pretty amazing and look like the lovechild of a strawberry and pineapple.

That’s a combination we can all get behind!

This interesting hybrid fruit can be traced all the way back to the 18th century, and it has only grown in popularity since its invention.

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