Delicious Ways to Eat More Vegetables for Girls Who Grow Their Own ...


Delicious Ways to Eat More Vegetables for Girls Who Grow Their Own ...
Delicious Ways to Eat More Vegetables for Girls Who Grow Their Own ...

I'm here to help you with ways to eat more vegetables, especially if you have been growing them this year and have a bounty to look forward to. There's still some time before your garden is really producing, but I bet you're getting some stuff right now. If you're hungry, these delicious ideas for using your garden bounty are sure to please. Each idea is a tasty way to enjoy the best garden foods for any meal. The best part about each of these mouthwatering ideas is that they are pretty healthy choices. So if you've been wondering what to do with your garden harvest, try any of these healthy vegetable ideas. You won't be sorry!

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Make Salsa

dish, marinara sauce, sauces, vegetarian food, condiment, If your garden is anything like mine, you have peppers and tomatoes in large quantities right about now. Make good use of them by whipping up a batch of salsa. Dice those warm summer tomatoes and toss them with chopped jalapenos and onions. Season with salt and pepper and pair with corn chips for a delicious treat.

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Have Bruschetta

bruschetta, appetizer, dish, cuisine, food, Here's another great way to use up all those tomatoes. Chop them and toss with salt and pepper. Add torn basil and drizzle the mixture with a bit of olive oil and balsamic vinegar. Serve on whole grain toast squares or crackers.

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Try Zoodles

dish, food, cuisine, vegetarian food, spaghetti, If you haven't tried veggie noodles, you are totally missing out. Use a spiralizer to cut a zucchini from your garden into ribbons. Serve it with your favorite pasta sauce in place of your regular noodles. Yum!

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Add Strawberries to Salad

salad, dish, strawberries, strawberry, food, There's nothing better than a handful of strawberries straight from the garden. Turns out they taste wonderful in salad. Ingredients like spinach, walnuts, poppyseed dressing, feta cheese and dried cranberries pair well with strawberries so experiment to find what you love best.

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Eat Some Kale

dish, leaf vegetable, vegetable, vegetarian food, food, This superfood is bursting out of my garden right now and there are so many delicious things to do with it. Add it to a salad or your favorite smoothie. Sauteed kale is a great summer side dish or you can use it in place of spinach in nearly any dish.

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Stuff Some Jalapenos

dish, stuffed peppers, food, vegetable, recipe, Stuffed jalapenos are loaded with fat and calories when you order them in restaurants, but you can make them a bit healthier at home. Cut your peppers in half, stuff them with low-fat cream cheese and wrap each in a 1/2 slice of bacon. Skip the breading and the hot oil and grill the peppers for a delightful treat you'll love.

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Have Carrots for Dinner

carrot, vegetable, food, fish, seafood, Garden fresh carrots are like nothing you've ever tasted. They are easy to cook by simply grilling or roasting. You can season them with sauces, herbs and spices to give them a flair that takes a carrot from humble to royal.

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What is your garden giving up right now? What's your favorite summer garden recipe?

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