Low Carb Egg Breakfasts for Girls Watching Their Weight ...


Low Carb Egg Breakfasts for Girls Watching Their Weight ...
Low Carb Egg Breakfasts for Girls Watching Their Weight ...

While you never want to completely cut carbs from your meal plan, cutting back a little bit can produce weight loss. When you think about carbs, remember that there are two kinds. Complex carbs are the ones you want to eat, while simple carbs are the ones you want to avoid. Breakfast is often carb heavy considering that it is usually something like cereal, a bagel, donuts or cinnamon rolls. Make the switch to eggs and you have a healthy and filling meal that is low in carbs and high in nutrients. Every single one of these recipes allows you to quickly and easily prepare a quick egg breakfast any day of the week.

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Eggs Baked in Ham Cups

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Because this recipe contains ham and eggs and no bread, it's a low carb dream. You simply bake the eggs in the ham and then chow down. As an added bonus, you also have portion control. Perfect!


Baked Spinach and Eggs

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This cheesy morning meal is sure to satisfy a craving, but is low in carbs. All that spinach loads you up with antioxidants and fiber that is both filling and nutritious. And the egg is packed with protein for appetite control and all the morning energy that you need.


Breakfast Lasagna

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You probably don't usually equate lasagna with being low carb because it's layered with noodles. This version is similar to an egg casserole, but it's sure to satisfy your appetite in the morning and keep you feeling full and happy until lunchtime rolls around.


Mushrooms and Baked Eggs

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Mushrooms are a perfect low carb food because they are meaty and plump, which gives you the illusion of eating a huge meal, for very few calories and carbs. The Parmesan cheese boosts the flavor factor and is sure to turn this into your new favorite breakfast meal.


Breakfast Skillet

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A meal you can cook in one pan is the perfect idea for breakfast. This skillet is full of flavor and is very low in carbs so you can add it to your meal plan without any guilt. It's super easy to make and will easily become your go to breakfast.


Chorizo and Goat Cheese Quiche

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Here's some great news - you can still eat cheese, even if you're watching your carb intake. The creamy blend of goat cheese with spicy chorizo in this quiche is a breakfast you're definitely going to want to share with everyone in your life. It's that good.


Breakfast Egg Muffins

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This is another really cool low carb egg recipe that offers up perfect portion control. You prepare them in a muffin pan, which creates the ideal meal size and you get to save yourself a whole ton of carbs too. Oh, and they're delicious!


Low Carb Breakfast Burrito

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Usually, breakfast burritos are loaded with carbs since they are wrapped with a huge tortilla. If you don't want to give up your burrito habit, try this low carb egg version. It's just as tasty and much more conducive to your goals that the traditional kind.


Bacon and Egg White Omelette

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Omelettes are naturally low-carb and making one with egg whites also saves you calories. This one has the indulgence of bacon mixed in so you won't even feel deprived. Omelettes are so easy to make and you can easily whip one up any morning with ease.


Breakfast Frittata

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Frittatas are really easy to make and a little bit different than the egg dishes you're used to in the morning. This recipe is low in carbs, but full of flavor. The veggies add fiber and nutrients and you'll stay full until your next meal comes.

What's your favorite low carb egg meal? Which of these are you most excited to try?

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