7 New and Absolutely Tantalizing Things to do with Beans ...


There are many things to cook with beans, so you can add the little gems to your diet quite easily.

Beans are a great source of fiber, which is vital for proper digestion, appetite control and heart health.

They also pack a powerful protein punch, which is necessary for healthy muscle function and energy levels.

If you can’t think of new things to cook with beans, you’re in luck because I have lots of yummy things you can do with them.

1. Toss in Salad

Toss in Salad

A tossed vegetable salad is a super healthy lunch idea, as long as it’s not smothered in high-fat dressing.2

That’s why it tops my list of things to cook with beans.

To prevent having to douse your veggies, consider adding ingredients with lots of flavors.

Try black beans with corn and salsa on a bed of spinach.

Or, toss pinto beans with shredded grilled chicken, diced tomatoes, hard-boiled eggs and lettuce together.

2. Add to Soup

Add to Soup

There’s nothing like a bowl of vegetable soup on a cold night.

You can make the meal more satisfying by adding a handful or two of beans to the broth.

The mild flavor of beans combines well with many veggies, including tomatoes, celery, carrots and potatoes.

Or you can add beans to your next pot of minestrone soup.

You won’t be sorry!

3. Make a Yummy Side Dish

Make a Yummy Side Dish

Refried beans are a yummy addition to any Mexican meal, but the canned version doesn’t always taste that great and is often chock full of salt.

Instead, make your own for a super tasty item to serve alongside your next batch of burritos.

Soak pinto beans overnight and remove any debris that floats to the top.

Boil the beans until they are soft.

Mash the beans with garlic, a dash of salt, pepper and crushed red pepper.

Top with a bit of shredded cheddar cheese and enjoy.

Puree Dip
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