7 Unexpected Pizza Toppings to Try on National Pizza Day ...


7 Unexpected Pizza Toppings to Try on National Pizza Day ...
7 Unexpected Pizza Toppings to Try on National Pizza Day ...

Pizza is a perennial favorite and it has so many variations, but wouldn't you love to pile on some really unexpected pizza toppings every now and then? While the average pepperoni pie is delicious, I love innovative variations. Using unexpected pizza toppings, you can make pizza healthier, weirder, or more delicious – or even all three. From seafood to fruits and vegetables you might not otherwise consider, experiment the next time you make your own pizza – because you're not apt to find these toppings unless you hit up a gourmet pizza place.

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An Egg-cellent Topping Choice

An Egg-cellent Topping Choice Did you ever think about having a breakfast pizza? My school cafeteria used to serve a version of this, but it was a frozen pizza that featured little pieces of sausage, none of these really unexpected pizza toppings. Explore some of your local pizzerias, or scout out a gourmet pie place when you're visiting a new city, and you may just find a breakfast pizza on the menu. They might feature sausage, bacon, and a breakfast-friendly sauce, but do you know when you've really found a winner? When there's a fried egg on top of your pizza.


A Pastrami Pie

A Pastrami Pie You can find these toppings at a lot of specialty pizza spots, especially if you're in a very deli-friendly area. The pastrami pizza, as you might imagine, features pastrami as one of its toppings, but it doesn't stop there. You'll also get mustard and pickles galore. Find the right pizza place and you might even find a Reuben pizza, all corned beef, pickles, Russian dressing, and even sauerkraut.


Potato Pizzas

Potato Pizzas I've actually tried pizza topped with potatoes. Specifically, it had roasted potatoes, rosemary, a white sauce, and ham. It was not awesome, but I think that had more to do with the restaurant than the concept. White potatoes can make a really delicious, if unexpected topping, but sweet potatoes are popping up as an extremely popular topping choice.


Topped with Tacos

Topped with Tacos Pizzas topped with classic taco accoutrements are big, too. The toppings vary depending on where you go, but you'll usually find ground beef, marinated steak, or marinated chicken, plenty of spicy cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, onions, hot peppers, and a sauce made out of either hot sauce, taco sauce, or nacho cheese sauce.


Stacked with Sushi

Stacked with Sushi Why not combine two of your favorite cuisines? If you're a fan of seafood toppings, it's a pretty short jump to eating a pizza topped with sushi. California rolls, tuna, crab sticks, naruto – you can find pizza topped with any kind of sushi you like. I advise against getting it with any kind of cheese, but a good tomato sauce might still be a winner.


A Green Experience

A Green Experience Vegetarian pizzas are nothing new, but what about pizzas topped with the latest green superfoods? Think kale, collards, spinach, dandelion greens, plus some asparagus and broccoli for good measure. With the right sauce and a delicious crust, I think this might be an unexpectedly delicious pizza. Ever tried one?


Be Free with the Fruit

Be Free with the Fruit You see lots of dessert pizzas, topped with chocolate sauce, marshmallows, and things like that. As big as my sweet tooth is, I actually hate dessert pizzas. The ones I've tried have never quite gotten there. Either the chocolate is much too rich or the crust leaves something to be desired. While there are plenty of fruit-topped pizzas that double as dessert pies, I'm talking more about gourmet toppings here. The one I saw that caught my eye mixed figs with Brie and Gorgonzola with a very light, barely there, cream based sauce and a drizzle of olive oil. Yum!

Although I adore a good deep dish with sausage, banana peppers, and fresh mozzarella, sometimes I can't help but experiment. It's been both good and bad – I had a very bad experience with a crawfish pizza once, but I've also tasted the pie of heaven with a mixture of pears and Brie. What's the strangest but most delicious thing you've ever put on top of your pizza?

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I actually tried pizza with eggs as toppings. It was pretty good! In my country Brazil, we have a great unusual topping as well made with broccoli, tuna, and cheese!

I topped my pizza off with beer! It was a perfect combination!!!

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