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When Spring Training rolls around, it's really fun to make baseball snacks to celebrate the occasion. They are super adorable and easy to make and will make any baseball event even more fun. Serve these tasty snacks at a birthday party or pack them to take to a baseball game. When you make these, you'll be the most popular person in town. Check them out!

1. Baseball Diamond Shaped Fruit Platter

Baseball Diamond Shaped Fruit Platter

Via Vintage Baseball Party - celebrate

This homemade baseball diamond is healthy and delicious! What team would you put on yours?

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2. Game Day Snacks

Game Day Snacks

Via Adorable! Brady is One –

You can't celebrate a baseball game or party without Cracker Jacks, peanuts and Big League chew gum. Yum!

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3. Sport Themed Fruit Cups

Sport Themed Fruit Cups

Via All-Star Team Mom: Tasty Tuesday

All you need is a Sharpie is to make these yummy fruit cups for baseball games or your child's lunchbox.

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4. Baseball Donuts

Baseball Donuts

Via Craftibilities: Overachieving TEAM MOM ((smile))

A frosting pen is the only thing you need to create these tasty little snacks.

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5. Party Pizza

Party Pizza

Via Feeding the Masses: World Series

No one is going to turn down pizza, so this is an outstanding baseball snack.

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6. Baseball Snack Tags

Baseball Snack Tags

Via Salt and Pepper Moms: Baseball

These cute printable tags can be attached to any snack for a baseball treat anyone will love.

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7. Baseball, Birthday

Baseball, Birthday

Via Baseball, Birthday, Sports Birthday Party

What could be more perfect for a baseball birthday than these?

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8. Twinkie Corn Dogs

Twinkie Corn Dogs

Via .Oh Sugar Events: Play Ball!

Aren't these super adorable? I love them!

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9. Baseball Mitt Rice Crispy Treats

Baseball Mitt Rice Crispy Treats

Via gallamore west: Happy 4th Birthday

Wonderful! These are easy to make and will give any baseball fan a reason to smile.

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10. Chocolate Covered Oreo Baseball

Chocolate Covered Oreo Baseball

Via Sports Chocolate Covered Oreo Football

These are perfect for baseball, but could also be modified for other sports.

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11. Baseball Sugar Cookies

Baseball Sugar Cookies

Via Treats: Batter Up! Baseball Sugar

Keep things simple with these easy sugar cookies that look like baseballs.

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12. Laces on Cupcakes

Laces on Cupcakes

Via M&M baseball cupcakes

Looking for a tasty treat for baseball season? This is the one for you!

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13. Chocolate Covered Pretzel Bats Marshmallow Pop Baseballs

Chocolate Covered Pretzel Bats Marshmallow Pop Baseballs

Via It's Baseball Season ... let's

Yum! These taste just as good as they look! And they are super easy to make.

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14. Baseball Dipped Strawberries

Baseball Dipped Strawberries

Via Sports Dipped Strawberries

This is a great choice if you want something with at least a little bit of nutritional value.

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15. Baseball Rice Krispie Treats

Baseball Rice Krispie Treats

Via Baseball rice krispie treats!!

Make these the same way you would make popcorn balls, then just dip them in frosting and decorate. Easy!

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16. Tiny Hot Dogs

Tiny Hot Dogs

Via 17 Of The Most Creative

When you're celebrating baseball season, nothing is more perfect than a hot dog.

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17. Cupcake Cake

Cupcake Cake

Via Follow Unicorns and Rainbows: DIYs

This cake is made entirely of cupcakes. It's so much easier to serve than trying to cut a cake!

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18. Candy Apples, Baseball Style

Candy Apples, Baseball Style

Who would turn these down? No one I know!

What's your favorite baseball snack? For me, a hot dot and a beer make any game better, whether I'm at home or at the stadium. Do you see a snack here that you're dying to try?

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