7 Vegan Essentials You Should Have in Your Kitchen ...


Want to know the vegan essentials you should have in your kitchen to better your health, slim down and boost your energy?

Veganism is more than just eating plant foods and avoiding meat;

it is about eating natural whole foods and avoiding anything processed.2

And since vegans are not eating animal proteins and dairy, they need to make sure they are getting certain nutrients in other ways so they are not deficient in vital vitamins and minerals.

There are plenty of vegans that eat processed foods but to become a healthy vegan, you should be eating whole food that betters your health.

And to know where you should begin, check out this list of vegan essentials you should have in your kitchen!

1. Nutritional Yeast

Nutritional Yeast

Why in the world do vegans need nutritional yeast?

Well it contains 18 amino acids, making it a complete protein and it is enriched with Vitamin B12 (a vitamin essential for energy, which vegans can be deficient in).

Nutritional yeast also aids digestion, improves liver health and promotes skin cell rejuvenation.

So add nutritional yeast to your sauce for a cheesy flavor or it can be added to any entrΓ©e by simply sprinkling over it!2

And for these reasons this is one of the vegan essentials that every vegan should have!

Chia Seeds
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