7 Ways to Use Canned Coconut Milk to Create Your Favorite Comfort Foods ...


Canned coconut milk can be your best friend in the kitchen and there are tons of tasty ways to use canned coconut milk to make healthier versions of your favorite comfort foods. If you haven’t tried using it yet, fall is a great time to start. Canned coconut milk doesn’t have an overpowering coconut taste, but instead offers that rich, creamy flavor you need to really make a comfort dish work. Yes, coconut milk is high in fat, but the saturated fats in canned coconut milk are much healthier than those in dairy-based milk, and have no cholesterol. Coconut milk’s fats actually have huge health benefits to detoxify the body and supply the liver with essential nutrients for a great metabolism, and to ward off bacterial infections. One of the best ways to use canned coconut milk is anywhere you would use canned dairy milk like condensed or evaporated, which is how you’ll see me suggest it. Try one of these simple uses and let me know if you have a favorite!

1. Pancakes


Pancakes are one of the best ways to use canned coconut milk. Just use canned coconut milk in place of either milk, or another liquid called for. It makes your pancakes really fluffy, moist and so rich tasting. It also works great in smoothies to accompany your pancakes if you’re into that!

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