Add These 7 Foods to Your Grocery List This Week ...


It’s time to make your grocery list and you might be wondering what new and exciting foods you can try this week. If you’re trying to eat healthy, shopping is a great choice because it gives you lots of eating options so you don’t have to order out. Eating in restaurants can get expensive, but it can also derail your health goals. So if you need some new ideas for your cart this week, here’s what you should buy.

1. Grab a Box of Quinoa

Grab a Box of Quinoa

Quinoa is a superfood and it tastes good too. It’s a whole grain, which is an important food choice because they contain B vitamins, iron and fiber. Quinoa is pretty versatile too, which means you can eat it in several ways. It makes a great hot cereal with fresh fruit and a dab of honey in the morning. You can also chill cooked quinoa and add it to veggie salads. It makes a great alternative to steamed rice too.

Buy a Bunch of Fresh Spinach
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