7 Amazing Coffee Recipes to Try ...


7 Amazing Coffee Recipes to Try ...
7 Amazing Coffee Recipes to Try ...

Coffee recipes and especially iced coffee recipes are something you should definitely have at hand this summer! They are tasty, easy to make and totally delicious – something you’ll want to indulge in yourself from time to time and definitely something your friends will love! Don’t wait until the summer is over, though, as these are sure to help make your days much, much sweeter! What are you waiting for? Check these 7 recipes out right now to find your next most favorite iced coffee recipe:

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Freddo Coffee

First on my list of coffee recipes every try coffee drinker would love is something your girl right here can’t make it through the day without – Freddo! Now, in case you don’t know there are two variations of this fantastic coffee – Espresso and Cappuccino, the first ideal for the ones who drink their coffee without milk and the second one perfect for all of you milk drinkers out there. The recipes differ only very, very slightly, though and are extremely easy to follow! Sounds tasty? Well here’s how to make it:

Pour a double shot of warm, freshly made espresso into a tall glass, add sugar to taste, use your milkshake mixer to get the coffee and sugar to froth and top up with ice and a bit of water. Voila, your Espresso Freddo is ready! Now, in case Cappuccino Freddo sounds more to your liking the only thing you’ll have to do differently is to use a mixer on cold milk instead of coffee. Use a different glass to froth milk then use a spoon to transfer it into your iced, sweetened espresso. Enjoy!


Creamy Iced Coffee

Speaking about amazing coffee recipes ideal for this hot, hot summer, here’s one I found online to surprise my sister with. Not really a huge milk&coffee fan, myself, and this combo often upsets my stomach for a completely unknown reason but the sis loves it which is good enough for me. And if you’re looking for a creamy, freezing delight to enjoy with friends, here’s exactly what you need to do:

Take a big glass or a mug and top it up with ice filling it about halfway with strong canned iced coffee, concentrate or something of that kind then pour sweet cream (also, over the ice) until your glass is about ¾ full. Add chocolate or even caramel syrup (I’ve used the last one) in case you prefer your iced coffee recipes with an “extra sweet” note attached, stir and voila!


Icy Caramel Latte

In case icy coffees are your favorite ones and you enjoy that chunky, brain-freezing texture you’ll certainly love this next iced coffee recipe! You’ve got espresso, milk and caramel – what’s there not to like! Right? Well, start taking notes:

You’ll need one cup of cold espresso, three quarters of a cup milk and about three full tablespoons of caramel syrup. Mix your ingredients together and pop them into a freezer. Check on it every hour using a fork to kind of scrape the mixture in order to create that nice chunky texture and do so until it’s totally frozen. Oh, and don’t worry – you can share this one with your friends or family as this recipe yields three servings.


Waistline- Friendly Latte

More wonderful coffee recipes coming right up and this one, ladies, is bound to make you feel good even after you’ve finished drinking it. Make one for yourself and enjoy it as there will be no guilt kicking in and no tuning in from that nasty little voice going on and on about something along the lines of waistline and not having one in case you continue with your latte drinking habit.

Start by adding two teaspoons of regular or decaf coffee granules into a tall glass, add sweetener to taste and pour in some water (very little – a tablespoon or two) just so you could use your milkshake mixer to make coffee froth. Add a fat-free coffee creamer and top off with cold water.


Cinnamon Caramel Coffee

Here’s another cool, totally unusual coffee recipe I found browsing around and simply had to share! All of you creative coffee drinkers out there will love it, I’m sure and given how versatile it really is, I’ll even go so far to say that I’m sure you’ll want to share it with your friends. Interested? Take notes:

Add a half teaspoon of cinnamon to about 6 spoons of regular coffee then brew this mixture as if it were nothing but a regular coffee and mix in a half of a cup of caramel syrup. Let the mixture cool down a bit then strain and refrigerate until you’re ready to serve. But wait – the serving part, now this is where things get interesting – fill up the glass with ice, pour your chilled coffee over and add sugar and milk to taste.


Delicious Chocolate Malt Coffee

Wondering how to make coffee so tasty and creamy you’ll never want to drink anything else? Well, here’s a mouthwatering recipe you’ll definitely want to know more about! Even my whacked, easily-upset stomach has nothing against coffee with ice-cream which means I’m definitely going to give this one a taste! Do the same by following these simple instructions.

Combine 6 teaspoons of coffee granules (instant coffee), two teaspoons of malt powder and another three of cocoa powder in a tall glass, add water to dissolve then throw in a heaping tablespoon of chocolate ice-cream and fill the glass with cold milk or sweet dairy cream. Sounds super tasty, doesn’t it?


Lemony Coffee

Last on my list of must-try coffee recipes is something all of you creative coffee drinkers out there would definitely find interesting and inviting! Now, I don’t know if you’ve ever considered spicing your coffee up with a bit of lemon but I’m sure this unusual, kind of exotic recipe will inspire you to give it a go.

Combine ¼ cup of chilled espresso, 2 oz of lemon sorbet, half a teaspoon of lemon juice, a full teaspoon of lemon zest and some sugar (to taste) in a blender and process until smooth. That’s it! Time to serve and enjoy this amazingly simple, totally interesting coffee!

What are your favorite coffee recipes and is there a special one you’d like to share? I’m super crazy about iced coffee recipes and always in the mood to try a new one!

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