3 Ingredients to a Killer Sandwich ...

By Leiann

3 Ingredients to a Killer Sandwich ...

This tutorial makes me kind-of think of a pregnant woman or a poor college student! Completely one-of-a-kind to tackle those taste buds for the pregnant woman! Affordable for that poor college student!

On the same hand, this would be good for a soup and sandwich. I think a good soup to pair it up with would be cheesy potato soup, for any type of laid-back gathering.

Again, another frugal suggestion! Every single ingredient may be bought at the dollar store, so think:

Table of contents:

  1. potato chips-$1.00
  2. pickles-$1.00
  3. cheese-$1.00
  4. bread-$1.00
  5. butter-$1.00
  6. mustard-$1.00

1 Potato Chips-$1.00

2 Pickles-$1.00

3 Cheese-$1.00

4 Bread-$1.00

5 Butter-$1.00

6 Mustard-$1.00

Total=$6.00 to last for many, many sandwiches!

Have you ever come across a recipe like this one? If so, leave a comment. I would love to know about your concoction!

Happy Sandwiches!

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